Wendy the Service Cat Attacked

Neatorama posted the story of Wendy the Service Cat in January. She is the companion of disabled veteran Jeffrey Ward. Here is a sad update to the story: Saturday night, Wendy didn't come home from a bathroom break. Ward found her injured in front of a nearby building.
X-rays showed both pelvic bones were broken - injuries veterinarian John Bevan says are consistent with being kicked or stepped on.

Surgery was performed Monday and a second is scheduled for Tuesday.

"We did a plate and about six screws on the left side, tomorrow we'll repair it with a screw and a pin," said Dr. Bevan.

Ward says he can't allow himself think of the person who did this to Wendy.

"The very thing that helps me cope with confrontation is now the one thing someone's taken away," said Ward.

Dr. Bevan says that Wendy should recover with a couple of month's therapy, but may be left with arthritis. There will be a fundraiser for medical expenses Wednesday at the Third Base bar and grill in Austin, Texas. Link -Thanks, Kimi!

Update: I heard back from the Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital. They told me that Wendy's medical bill has been paid in full, thanks to generous donors. If you want to donate to other animals who need care, you can contact them through their website.

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When we find a cat at our place we take them and have them fixed, if they don't seem to be treated well we usually keep them or take them to the Humane Society. I'm not really concerned with what the owners think about it. If they were taking care of them they wouldn't have that problem.

I've never had cats outdoors, it's just a dumb (and rude) idea if you live in the city. I now have 10 acres though, so some of them live outside. And someone new is always showing up.

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You people blow my friggin' mind. It takes more than a dog stepping on a cat to break bones. Stop trying to make this act seem less heinous so you can rest easy. And I can't BELIEVE someone had the audacity to comment that perhaps since the cat was defecating on someone else's property that gave the the authority to crush this cat. Right, maiming someone or some animal trespassing on your property is perfectly acceptable.
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I have to agree, cats should be INDOORS. In the past before I knew any better, we didn't think twice about cats outside, but after accident after accident occurred, no cat of mine will ever go outside unsupervised. Our cat now is only allowed to walk a few feet outside to munch on grass, and when I say "inside" he goes right in.

Anyways.... the cat may not have been kicked or stepped on. A dog could've easily have injured the cat. Fiance's stupid family recently had their dogs injure one of their cats. Same injuries plus some, enough to where they had to put the cat to sleep...... idiots.
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