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Looking through the Amazon preview, it looks like the author has done a very good job presenting Maxwell's Equations in an accessible manner. He has an original and helpful way of showing Gauss' Law on pg 2, where he enlarges the equation and labels the meaning of each symbol. Most textbooks authors tend to shy away from that type of diagram for whatever reason, maybe they find it too juvenile. But if I knew about this book when I was studying E&M I would have bought it. So kudos to Cuhaci, for the book & the journey!
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Jen Diggity: did you notice he was trying to sell these for $100-$500 a print? If he were just some guy having fun with a camera and posting on Flickr, I don't think you would have seen the negative reactions above. But he's a professional photographer, not just some guy "having fun" (although the photos do have that appearance).
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To call these amateurish photos "artwork" is a real stretch. Each house is unimaginatively photographed from the same frontal view, with little attention to light. As faburobin noted, this has exactly nothing to do with the current economic crisis, as most of these properties were abandoned decades ago. In the 1950s Detroit had millions of people as the auto industry boomed, but today has fewer than a million. With more houses than bodies to fill them, properties went vacant. There seems to be a neverending parade of self-styled artistes who attempt to profit or build their art school portfolios by photographing Detroit's derelict properties, who derive a thrill (or vicariously do so) from exposure to the artifacts of poverty. Detroit does have some remarkable architecture, including many well-preserved mansions built by auto executives before WWII. If anyone is curious about what's to Detroit besides gutted crackhouses, Google "Indian Village Detroit", or check it out here:
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I'm wondering why they dug it soooo deep. The insulation is greater down there, but wouldn't the collapse danger be much greater too? Its very easy to get disoriented when buried in snow (people die in inches of snow in an avalanche), so it would be hard to remember where the door is. Seems like keeping the roof near the surface would provide the same protection against convective losses.
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Given that this project ended ten years ago, looks like it wont happen. But don't say never!: microaircraft are a very active research area, I've seen somewhat larger ones capable of hoisting their power supplies.
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Alex, to second DetroitDerek's comments, how do you define "Midtown Detroit" and which statistics are you using? To most of us who live here, "Midtown Detroit" basically means a small strip of rather nice office buildings and theatres along W. Grand Blvd. Perhaps the stats come from a police precinct, census area or other zone that doesn't really correspond to what any Detroiter would commonly refer to as "Midtown Detroit". These unusually high Midtown statistics are probably distorted the way someone drew boundaries on some map.
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@ Lore & AMH: I have no problem with Obama supporters expressing support for their president(so long as it doesn't turn into obsequious fawning and hero-worship). But idea that "regardless of your political orientation" you should join in on the celebration is a silly idea, which I've heard trickling through the media in other places as well. While I know many of his supporters are enamored with the idea that he is an "inspirational" figure who will "unite everyone", it is naive to think that those of us who didn't vote for him will see things in these terms.

Political opponents shouldn't bash the incoming president during the inauguration ceremony (it is really about the office of presidency, and an opportunity for the country to demonstrate its ability to manage an exchange of power with civility), but this doesn't mean we need to join in on the parade.

For the record Mr. Obama, I congratulate you and wish you luck! Enjoy the sweet honeymoon.
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I guess the deal with industrial design programs is that they value "out of the box thinking" before practicality or engineering. In the same way that fashion designers unveil outlandish costumes on the runway that nobody would wear in real life as a display of creative impulse, ID students are encouraged to be "playful". Lots of creative ideas come from ID students, but so too a lot of art school wankery. They tend to do well with aesthetics, etc., but quickly get in over their heads when they play engineers. My favorite quote:

"The idea of cardboard is to completely devalue the bike"

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c-dub: it really doesn't matter whether they use the scientific method or not. The only problem I have is that they often call what they are doing science; talking about "science in progress" and whatnot. I think we have enough of a problem in this country with public understanding of what science is (global warming, stem cell research, funding for physics experiments: lots of confused debate on these subjects because the public often cannot distinguish between scientific-sounding language and the actual scientific methodology)

They come up with great ideas to investigate; I think people would find it much more interesting if they brought in real science/engineering. Science isn't boring if presented creatively; it would only add to the show.
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Someone already mentioned electroscope, which it appears to be, as the side terminals do not look made for permanent wire attachment. I can't tell if the central column is an electrode or leaves of foil. Second guess: early gas arc lamp.
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Agreed with clinton labombard: its really fun to watch, but has nothing to do with the scientific method. They are special effects artists without scientific or engineering training, and it often shows.
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