What Is It? Game 68: We Really Don't Know What It Is ...

Something a little different for today's collaboration with What is it? blog - it's a true "what the heck is it?" meaning we don't know what the doodad pictured above is for!

This device has been sitting on someone's mantle for years, and if you know what it is for (with proof - article, patent no. or photo of it in use), then you'll win a free shirt from Neatorama's online shop! If no one gets it right, then funniest/most creative entry will win instead.

Contest rules are simple: Enter your guess in the comment area, one guess per comment, please but you can enter as many as you can think of. We usually discourage URLs, but for this game, we actually encourage it (you'll need to link to the proof anyhow). First one to tell us what it is for wins the shirt, or if nobody does, then the funniest guess gets it. Good luck!

Update 7/6/08 - since no one gave convincing proof, the funniest guess wins it. Congrats to Fuzz, who came up with "Flux Capacitor v1.0"

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I think that must be a ship's inclinometer. If the ship lists too far to port or starboard, the bell will ring when the rod contacts one of the side posts.
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It's a Love Meter! You hold one button, your love holds the other. If sparks fly, you are a match. If the bell rings, it means you should keep your other hand above the table, or you should stop playing silly games and get on with it!
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gee thats a puzzler isnt it.
i think it could be a door bell or a buzzer
if the bar in the middle pivots {looks like it might]
running an ac curent through the electrodes might make it swing and ring the bell like thingy on the top.
if the ends of the bar were wrapped in wire id say thats what it was but no wire.
hmm maybe a soleniod
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This old digital optical trainer was used on the Three Stooges movie sets. For best effect, the eye poke needed to fall as closely as possible to the center of the eye orbits. The left and right plates were adjusted to approximate the outside edges of the eyes, while the center post was raised or lowered to the length of the nose. The Stooges could then practice quickly jabbing their fingers into the resulting spaces without actually contacting the device. The resulting pokes proved much more entertaining than the previously unrehearsed pokes and the device was soon found on the set of every Stooges short and feature film.......
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