Building a Snow Cave - Ray Mears Extreme Survival

While Bear Grylls may have all the charm and reckless abandon that we all love, everyone knows he doesn't really do half the surviving he claims to on his show.

Ray Mears however has spent his life learning from the worlds Indigenous tribes, picking up skills and dedicating all his time to survival, so he knows a thing or two.

Here he demonstrates how to build a snow cave, which if necessary you could shelter in for weeks at a time until the weather cleared up enough to get to safety. Not many of us are likely to see that much snow any time soon, but its a great bit of knowledge to have.

Link [YouTube]

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Jake.

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Eton graduate dropped in a remote part of Central Park. Can he get to Wall Street to make a stock transaction while wearing only a $3000 designer fleece outfit and with only two assistants two carry his mineral water and the camera?
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Ah, this topic is near and dear to my heart. As a former boy scout and an avid outdoors person I believe Ray Mears is the greatest outdoorsman in our modern time. I absolutely love his show where he goes around the World and learns how to survive by spending time with the best survivalists in the area...the native communities/tribes. I highly suggest folks check out his shows and books. Great stuff.
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I think Grylls is bogus and will probably get you killed in the real world. Survivorman is much more realistic in my opinion - he's alone for a week and has to shoot the film as well...and never drink your own urine.
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Mears is softly spoken, mild mannered, polite and knowledgable with a genuine respect for the world around him. He's not out to conquer it, he's out to gently work with it to stay alive.

Grylls is a noisy pillock.

Even my kids have spotted that one's worth watching, the other's not.
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