$30 Cardboard Bicycle

Phil Bridge, a 21-year-old university student in the UK, has designed a cardboard bicycle that cost around $30 to make:

Supporting anyone up to 168 pounds, the frame, which costs around $6 to make, is made from the cardboard used in industrial packaging, whilst the wheels and chain are standard bike issue, and will cost around $24.

Phil Bridge, who is studying Industrial Design, came up with the idea as he was researching reasons why people don't use pedal power to get around town. "A typical round town bike can cost several hundred pounds," says Mr Bridge. "That's a large investment for people who aren't sure whether they will use it. The idea of cardboard is to completely devalue the bike".


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... why? Why do we need this? What problem does it solve? Are we running out of metal? Can that cardboard not be shredded, pulped, condensed, and dried into fiberboard that would be 20 times stronger?
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I think that thing might actually be heavier than a metal bicycle.

So, any reason people can't buy a used bike? I got mine for like sixty bucks (though that was in the midwest where a fixie isn't this precious idol for which you can charge half a grand.) I wonder about this when it comes to cheap cars, too. I'm going to buy a Kia, it's only eight thousand dollars! Well, couldn't you just buy an eight-year-old Chevy for the same price? A decent car with another decade left in it?
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I race bicycles for sport and this is the most moronic idea I've seen in a while.

First of all... aluminum forks are not used anymore b/c of the danger of it bending out of shape (the fork is the piece of the frame which holds the front wheel in place).... CARDBOARD?!?! good luck not killing yourself...
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So how does he propose to propel that bike? By kicking with his feet? On none of the photos I've seen is there a crank, pedals or a chain; all of which are fairly important parts in making a bike do what it's supposed to do. Even if he's posing with a proof of concept, how can he say it works?

And Peeves is absolutely right about the frame materials; you can make a bike out of just about anything. I've seen them built from bamboo, dimension lumber, plywood... you name it. Check out http://www.worldbike.org/

Kinda neat, but not very.
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