100 Abandoned Houses

Photographer Kevin Bauman took exquisite photographs of 100 abandoned houses in Detroit, Michigan. He has managed to turn the economic crisis, in form of crumbling houses in various stages of disrepair, into an artwork.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by algonkin.

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I care too.

Detroit was one of the first cities to plumb the depths of what happens when the "Old Economy" crumbles. It will not be the last.

It may even be that people are shooting Drive-bys in your town long after Detroit has been reborn in the Next Economy.
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"It’s just something this guys doing, for fun, or for money who cares?"

I care, because I'm just completely sick of Detroit getting kicked while it's down...over and over and over. As I mentioned above, there is a real and concrete revitalization of parts of Detroit that are being completely ignored. Areas that I would never go into as a kid and young adult are great destinations to go to now. And the city has suffered and worked really hard to make that happen. Like I said before...enough.
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I found the photos both touching and sad. From that perspective, it has accomplished what art is meant to accomplish. It isn't about shooting obliquely or getting out of your car. Every iconic photograph has broken the rules, even if it means not being interesting enough for the art school masses.

With respect to Mattie and atanguay, I agree. I lived in Windsor for a few years and would often cross the bridge to come to Detroit. The people who revel in kicking Detroit are the same who dismissed Chicago, New York and Cleveland when they were at their lowest.
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Wow, drive by shooting? this isn't a gang war guys.

This is a collection of photos, the same angle and type of colors and lighting were kept to keep consistancy within the collection.

It's just something this guys doing, for fun, or for money who cars?
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i have been shooting abandoned houses in Miami for years now. I went to see this website to look at some good art but I was pretty disappointed. I agree these are just drive by's. I personally go into each location and note the history and details. Furthermore I am professional and would never ever sell a picture for 150 dollars. They show too much street and the lighting is bland.
i love abandoned photographers but thsi was not one of my favs.
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