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I'm a pretty big fan of eel, and while it does have a pretty earthy flavour, I've never thought "mud". My aunt in Sweden makes a great creamy eel soup, and I'm quite fond of the ubiquitous BBQ eel sushi here in Canada, even if it is the only way to get my hands on eel.
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I don't see why people are getting spooked about eating a different piece of the same animal they'd normally eat. I guess it's the same fear that people have over organ meats. I don't understand it.

I'm from Calgary, Alberta, in the heartland of Canadian ranch country, and beef testicles are very common. When a calf is old enough to be branded and de-horned and if it is meant to become a steer instead of a bull, it gets castrated. The nuts aren't left to go to waste, they get chucked into a pail of ice and are grilled for a post-branding snack. In Calgary itself we have the annual Testicle Festival, where we serve breaded deep fried calf testicles, also known as prairie oysters.

I'm quite fond of prairie oysters myself, I find them similar in texture to liver, but much lighter in colour. My favourite place serves 'em with curry sauce! Yum.
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I've always done a variety of the Anglo stacking. I build a nice pile of bills from largest to smallest. It works great with Canadian money, since if you just go by colour you can count it very quickly, but I can't do it with American money; it all looks the same.
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I hope the writers do get a good deal, they seem to have had it raw for a while, but as far as my own TV-watching, all my programmes are either Canadian or British, so there's no effect on me at all.
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You know, I think we should just split Christmas into two holidays and get the whole thing over with. Make Christmas the real Christian religious holiday and then make a second big winter-themed consumer holiday with Santa Claus and presents and all that hullabaloo that everyone, no matter what actual religious holiday they're celebrating, can take part in.
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Bah! While this is awesome for Americans, the smallest Canadian bill is a five and I don't trust myself with a $100 wallet!

Someone needs to make jewelry out of those old toonies that would fall apart when it got cold enough.
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Hey now, do remember that Vancouver has one of the largest Asian communities in Canada, and that our Asian heritage is just as Canadian as our European heritage. Melding Asian and Aboriginal themes is perfect for Vancouver! "Canadian" shouldn't just be something regurgitated from Expo '67 or the 1970's, and it certainly shouldn't be so homogeneous as to ignore regional culture and styles.

And hey, they're cute and stylish and have something to do with the actual location the Olympics is in, unlike the "ice block and snowball" from 2006 or those unspeakable, terrifying phallic horrors from 2004.

My one problem isn't with the mascots but with the logo. Yes, an inukshuk is instantly recognizable as Canadian but geez, Vancouver is a hell of a long way from the Arctic. They could have easily gone with some sort of Haida logo, it's just as stylish and striking, and at least comes from BC.
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