How is the Writers Strike Affecting You?

Jim Avila of ABC World News Webcast interviews Dade Hayes of Variety about the on-going writers strike in Hollywood:

So what does this tell viewers at this point about what they are going to see on television from now until possibly next Fall. Are we going to see any of those really good programs that are well written or are we going to be in the wasteland of reality TV?

Dade Hayes: Well, it's going to be reality heavy. They've predicted that since last fall when the strike was really taking shape. Shows like American Gladiator and American Idol are already happening now. The question is how much will they be scraping for reality concept as the Spring wears on. We don't really know that.

I mean it's a case where every viewer can cast their vote. If you're not interested in reality replacing your favorite scripted show, you can simply tune out or go to cable or go to the internet. It's basically that simple. The question now is whether the ratings on reality will be high enough to keep the engines running at the network.

Link [ABC World News Webcast, Flash video]

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Unions eventually destroy the markets they are supposed to protect. See the US auto workers unions, for example, which priced their own workers out of the market and made the companies that employed them uncompetitive in the process.

There's no need for a union if people are actually individually talented. Let them compete on an individual basis like the rest of us.
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Theres still another 2 mos or so of scripted TV, so it won't get really terrible till that dries up. I hope they agree on terms soon, but already I'm watching and buying programs online. That's what they're fighting for a part of the revenue on, so I'll wait patiently. If it goes on too long it will kill TV as we know it.

That may not be such a bad thing.
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I am missing a lot of things I normally watch, but it's a small price to pay if the writers get the contracts they want. The other innocent people being hurt by the strike aren't being hurt by the writers but by the networks who aren't being fair about compensating writers for their expertise.
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