2010 Olympics Mascots

Vancouver is hosting the Winter Games in 2010. The Olympic mascots will be Sumi the Thunderbird, Quatchi the Sasquatch, and Miga the Sea Bear, all mythical North American creatures. The artwork was designed by Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy of Meomi Design. Even without considering previous Olympic mascots, they hit this one out of the ballpark! Link -via Boing Boing

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I love Quatchi. The olympics were GREAT. I went to watch it and since I am cheering for Canada, I was beyond amazed at Alexandre Bilodeau. Took Gold, my favourite moment of the Olympics of 2010. I loved the hockey game USA vs Canada Finals too! Overtime got me worried though. Anyways I love the mascots.

I'd like to say that Quatchi and Miga are the official Olympic Mascots, while Sumi is the official Paralympic Mascots. Oh, and I'm pretty sure there's another mascot, MukMuk. He's not an official mascot but he's sorta one used to represent Canada.

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I noticed that you can buy them online at http://www.vancouver2010.com/store/ now... I bet they are all gone... kids on the bus in Vancouver are talking about them like they are that "Tickle me Elmo" craze we all remember :)

I think my favourite is still Quatchie.. though the name still sounds funny to anyone not part of the conversation :)
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Cute, but offenseve. I'm not sure a lot of people realize this, but the little pseudo-anime figures they made are bastardisations of very sacred and powerful dieties in Native American myth. The little cat...panda...thing is actually supposed to be Sea-Bear, a powerful and revered spirit, and the Bear-thing with the feathered shirt is Thunderbird. Ask anyone with knowledge of Native American art and culture and you'll get the controversy. It's basically like turning Jesus or the Apostles into cartoon characters and plastering them all over mugs, t-shirts, and beanies. Cute.
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Those are the 2010 Olympic mascots, RHINNY. If you are truly from Vancouver, you would know that. It's been all over the news to a nauseating degree.

I agree with Lady Cooper. We do have a large Asian community, so the Asian-looking characters are sort of appropriate. And the toys will probably appeal to children and tourists. That's important. At least the characters themselves are based on local myths and legends. Unlike the Vancouver Olympic logo (which has been compared to Gumby).
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