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WOW that's an ugly bill. I mean, they took a badly outdated design and...made it uglier. I guess it's because the American dollar is depreciating so quickly, better make it look like Monopoly money too!

Wanna see nicely designed money? Canadian bills. Nice colours, neat designs, and little Canadian inside jokes hidden on them. If you hold them up to the light, you can see a second face of whoever is on the bill. So hard to counterfeit. Also: coloured coins, that you Americans think we use for spying on you.
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Unfortunately, it just represents crude oil, not non-crude reserves like tarsands. If they were included, Canada would be the second largest on the map.

The issue with the Albertan tarsands is that they weren't feasible while oil was under $40 a barrel, that's why they've been known about since 1947 but only in the last few years has a huge boom really started to roll. As long as oil remains over $40, the oil will continue to flow from Fort McMurray, until (most likely) alternative fuels eventually cause the price of oil to drop. Then all of us in Alberta will have another bust. Que sera, sera.
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19 going on 0.79999.

Going to live to 92.2, though! It must be an American test, though, the average lifespan they started with was much lower than the average here in Canada.
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You know, I'd probably feel more comfortable in that than a string bikini. No worrying about sunburn or any cellulite!

And plus, with how strongly secular Turkey has become, if you're going to wear that, it's pretty well guaranteed to be a personal choice. You folks need to get a grip.
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I saw these in use on Iron Chef, and they do look awesome, but it was so difficult to get the pieces of food off that the competitor actually lost points! Still, I'd use them, finicky or not.
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