Beach Hotel for Rich, Devout Muslim Turks.

The Bera Alanya hotel on Turkey's Mediterranean cost caters to rich devout Muslims who want to enjoy the beach in their head-to-heel, long-sleeved baggy swimsuits without provoking stares from the secular Turks! - via Spluch

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I was born muslim to a secular family who did not want me to cover, I chose to, I wasn't oppressed. Miranda I was born in the US and have never lived in an "orthodox enviroment" although I would probably love to, I've travelled the world and have a multi-ethinic, multi-racial and very diverse family from many differant religious backgrounds> I began to study my religion on my own as a high school project, and now I cover myself because I choose to be recognized for my intellect, not my bra size.
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some people on here say "free women" or she's oppressed just because she's fully dressed
(as if thats degrading) but I dont see you guys protesting women being degraded on porn sites saying this kind of stuff like "free women" or "respect women". If a woman is fully naked with cum all over her all of you shut up and stay quiet about it, but if she's covered up all of a sudden theres something wrong with it and you start protesting! Since when is modesty a BAD thing?!!?!?!?!?!
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To the giant purple condom,
Why is hiding your beauty such a big deal. I have been a non-muslim woman, and it's no fun having to make sure you look pritty to be accepted.It's a sad fact that a womans worth is often judged on her apearance. I cover up fully and it's not holding me back from pusuing a PhD in Neuroscience. I know of men at work rating girls on their apearance, having bets...Islam gives a woman the tools the put up a guard! No I am not an object to be spoken about as if an object. I am to be taken seriously and not here for a one night stand. No, muslim woman are not ashamed of their bodies or sexuality! We simply have rules and regulations defining where (i.e marriage) it can take place. Not forgetting that these rules also aply to men! On that note men also have areas they must cover....

The media sells almost everything (alcohol, cars...) with a naked woman. Surley that proves the point. If you think that walking around with your body exposed liberates you then surely your insane! How can putting your self on display like a piece of meat, for every randy builder to look at make you feel free? I understand the whole thing of wanting to look and feel beatiful. I can say that we are probably better pampared than you (i.e low exposure to harmful UV rays, harsh wind)...especially some of the richer muslims. Anyway:

Oh you be your relegion and to me be mine, alhamdilAllah xx
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I hesitate to comment this thread, since it quickly heated up. Still, Miranda Vink's comment that:

"Muslim women are indoctrinated by their religion and orthodox environment to feel ashamed of their sex and their body."

raised some thoughts for me. Our U.S. and western culture promotes an environment where women can wear a wide range of clothing, from highly covering to very skimpy. Still, can we honestly say that U.S. women are not still ashamed of their bodies? Body image and anxiety is a major concern for women, and images of professionally beautiful women, now enhanced by computer manipulation, is seen as the norm.

I do not condone or agree with the theory that incidental viewing of a woman's body drives helpless men into sin, and therefore women should be hidden at all times, but our own culture doesn't actually promote healthy self-acceptance either.
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