The World According to Oil Reserves.

The map above (click here for the large version) shows what the world would look like if each country's size was proportional to their proven oil reserves. I find it a little surprising that the world's largest oil consumers (North America, Europe and China) have such a small portion of the world's oil.

If the presented figures are correct, the U.S. would deplete its entire supply of oil in about 3 years without imports (and could single-handedly deplete the entire world's reserves in 50 years). Makes you wonder why the U.S. government isn't more supportive of alternative energy. Link via digg

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1 good comment :
- US #1 economy of the world is #1 polluter. Lots of critics are indeed forgetting the #1 production part. They are also forgetting all the advande the US is taking in biofuel for example : how many countries, besides Brazil maybe, can boast 2mil+ cars driving with E85?
On the other side, after Kyoto, some countries, such as France, had their bureaucracy implement several limitation on energy consumption or recycling that are increasing the paid price for the end user. Guess what? They're jalous!

1 bad comment :
- let's suck the oil of those middle east unevolved tribesmen, because, after all, that's all they are, and moreover that's all they're going to be : unevolved tribesmen.
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The US uses ~20M bbls a day, but not all of it for gasoline. It is also used for electricity production, plastics, lubrication, etc. IIRC, gasoline accounts for 9-11M bbls of consumption.

I dare say that the US puts more money into exploring alternative energy sources than any other. I realize that Neatorama posters and commenters are generally leftard loons, but the allusion of this post is ridiculous. You anti-American idiots wallow in your faux superiority a bit much, don't you think?
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"I find it a little surprising that the world’s largest oil consumers (North America, Europe and China) have such a small portion of the world’s oil."

Funny how most of those countries are also the largest producers of products and services. That part of the equation is always left out.
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