How Do You Count Your Cash?

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This is something I never thought about before, but there are many ways to count cash. People in different parts of the world use somewhat different styles. How do YOU count your cash? -via the Presurfer

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Nice video, but the East Asian method of counting was not very well represented here. The speed they achieve is absolutely amazing. Pretty much every person in China I saw counting cash was twice as fast as any teller I've ever seen in the US.

Then again, the Chinese in general make Americans look like they are moving in slow motion whenever performing repetative tasks. Our airlines need to send their flight attendants to train in China, because the flight attendants in China make the flight attendants on US airlines look pathetic.
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Having been thru. a few of these countries (get it count ries?) including Ameristan (sorry, just had to say it). Let me tell you this.

I have no idea.

My theories were:
-how dirty the money was
-how old the money was
-they wanted you to see and count it with them
-the physical size of the money ie dimension in the hand
-how many notes make up a useful amount of money to buy something
-whether they thought you were slipping a dud, recalled or counterfeit note in

As an aside: I always collected the cheapest paper note I could from each country I went to for keepssakes. I ended up with so many that I created some montages for my house. The bestest, pridest superest note of place right in the center of the thing?

Of course Goofy on the 5 dollar note from Disneyworld
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i live in an eastern european country (romania) and nobody counts money like they say in the video. they count them as shown for Japan and Korea
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Interesting...especially the "throw it all down on the table" method. I'll have to bust some of these out during my next monopoly game :)

Also, In soviet russia, money counts you. It had to be said.
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