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"Newton's stature among scientists remains at the very top rank, as demonstrated by a 2005 survey of scientists in Britain's Royal Society asking who had the greater effect on the history of science, Newton was deemed much more influential than Albert Einstein." (from wikipedia)

well the man invented classical mechanics and calculus, so if we have engineering today its because of him.
i hear he was kind of an arsehole tho.
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i just dont understand israeli officials sometimes. i mean why bother with developing a new weapon when you can hose those palestinians with actual sewage.
its not like they are human or anything!
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boy am i glad i didnt get the "vault boy" from the fallout 1-2 games tattooed across my back, back in the time. fallout 3 is going to suck big time and i would hate to think how bethesda screwed up the franchie every time some console kiddie approached me and asked if my tat was the guy from fallout 3.
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well, you got the gun, you got the criminals, i dont think he had any choice but shoot them.. in the back. id prefer a more hands on approach, bat to the back of the head maybe, but still, way to murder people sheriff horn!
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