Dark Knight Tattoo Is Topical...But Is It a Good Idea?

Although modern technology has evolved to the point where tattoos can be removed, getting one is still quite a major commitment. Despite this, some still choose not only to get tattoos, but tattoos related with pop culture, references whose relevance threaten to fade over time. At GreatWhiteSnark's blog, there's a write-up of a gentleman who obtained a spectacular tattoo inspired by the upcoming film, The Dark Knight:

I’m putting out a call for genuinely novel and creative ways for fanboys (and -gals) to express their enthusiasm for the newest Batman film from director Chris Nolan. You could do worse–well, depending on how you look at it–than to take a cue from the dude who emblazoned a tattoo of the Batman symbol from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight across his back, courtesy of Tony Siemer of New Breed Tattoo in Dayton, Ohio.

I'm very much looking forward to the film, and desperately hope that it will be remembered as a modern classic, but what do you think about the idea of getting pop culture tattoos? In particular, in this case, does the tattoo's associations with the overall character of Batman render it timeless? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Hit the Link for the larger image and GreatWhiteSnark's always-snarky write-up.

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Hedgecore, indeed full removal isn't easy, but typhically 3-5 sessions lightens most tattooes enough so you can tattoo over them anew with something else, thusly covering it up. More and more people are doing that route because they don't want to take either the money or the pain associated with lasering out the tattoo completely.

Personally, if I ever get tired of any of my tattoos I'll just cover it entirely with black and be done with it. :P
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Tattoo removal is possible but not easy. For even a small piece you've got to sit through many sessions, and even then certain colours such as red might never fully go away. For something that size, I would guess it'd take years to remove (luckily it's black/grey/white) due to surface area alone.

I've got my left sleeve and right lower leg done and would never have any removed. Pick twice, get inked once. ;)
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