Why It's A Really Bad Idea To Steal From the Billboard Company

Bad idea: thievin'
Really bad idea: getting photographed while thievin'
Neatorama-worthy: getting photographed while thievin' from a billboard company, that is now plastering the city with billboard ads with your face on them!

Rule number one of burglary is 'don't get yourself photographed'. Probably coming in somewhere around rule number 437, meanwhile, is 'don't make an enemy of someone who owns billboards all around your city'.

Unfortunately for one New Zealand thief, he just broke both those rules.

The thief was caught on camera stealing expensive equipment, but he'd picked the wrong target - because now the billboard company he was stealing from has plastered his image around Wellington, New Zealand's largest city, seeking his capture.


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This happened in Auckland off K' Road.

Also as stated Auckland is New Zealand largest city

Wow I think someone just broke rule Number 1 in accurate blogging!
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These are up all over Auckland (the gear was taken a few streets over from my place), one's up at the top of my street. He was stealing several thousands of dollars worth of transformers used to light the billboard.

The pop. of NZ is up over 4.2 million these days.
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