Cheerleaders Ditched Uniforms Because They're ... Too Skimpy!

The Idaho Vandals Cheerleaders, before and after the costume change. The volleyball jersey is a temporary uniform till the newer, more modest uniforms are ready. Photos: Larry Johnson /

After spectators complained that the cheerleaders of the University of Idaho's Vandals football team have been flashing a little more than school spirit, the football team dumped the cheerleader uniforms because ... they're too skimpy!

After the football team dumped the school logo from the buttocks of their new pants, the university in Moscow got complaints that new two-piece cheerleader uniforms were too skimpy.

"A number of fans were concerned that the uniforms were inappropriate," said Bruce Pitman, dean of students. "To be fair, there were a number of fans who liked them."

The outfits that drew controversy, halter tops and short black skirts with white trim, were similar to what an NFL cheerleader might wear, Pitman said. - via FanIQ, Thanks Tiffany!

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as for JOURNEY TO THE EAST im sick of going out to try and buy new clothes i dont know what its like there but here if your a male and you dont like the set trend thats available you have very little options in clothes in a shopping center with say 200 stores and 50 of them are woman's stores you might find 5 that are just for males and when you take away the ones that just sell suits your left with one or 2 stores so who has the better deal when it comes to shopping for clothes im sick of females complaining its hard to shop no its not. its hard for you because woman are to busy trying to out do each other and find a negative comment to make about each other so yet again who is the problem the hot cheerleader in the little outfit or the girl on the sideline with low self esteem
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what is wrong with you woman that feel the need to complain about everything like this as usual if it were tables turned and it was men in little shorts there wouldn't be a problem here in australia with the aussie football AFL the guys run around in little shorts and tight fitting top always woman at the games having a good look yet i remember not to look ago they more or less stopped cheerleading because of the too sexy uniforms equal rights yeah right one for men one for woman except when it suits them bring back the little outfits its part of the games. my partner is a stripper and a graphic designer and when she dances its not the guys that are a issue they keep their hands to themselves its the woman that are the issue they come in wearing less than the strippers and make alot of nasty comments to the girls whats the issue the uniform or the woman who are insecure
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Why I love my land (my new one not my birth one)

As I walk in the pink dusk
of the city the colour of a rose
I have but only one question to pose
What is it that draws me to this land?

Is it the syrupy sweetness of jalabi
the hot roti straight of the tawa
the dozens of sweet, wide eyed kids
gazing at the moon?

Is the rivers of Kerala mirroring the moonlight
or maybe the satin silky salwar khameez of every hue
could it be the surrounding mountain that when absent give me the blues?

It is neither of this.
It's something deeper
somehting that I don't find at home
It's the sense of dignity I see in the eyes of the elders
the sense of belonging amosngst the kids
the pride and self-respect of the mothers by the river
The depth of human contact, the message from a look alone, the symbolism of colour and that nothing is as it seems.
Here, everything has a deeper meaning
Nothing is merelt something.
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Or like they say in Utah, "Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed"!

Shut up you pedophile, I wish someone would come to their senses and introduce capital punishment for this abomination called pedophilia.

just because you've "got it" doesn't mean you have to show it around like you don't have an ounce of respect for yourself
I get so sick of being expected to be size 0-3 and wearing skirts that you can't move in or else flash people your panties
Just like guys need fancy cars and other things to boost their appeal. It's stupid. like people for people.


Women derive power from their bodies I don’t. I derive my power by being a respected lawyer and a good life partner, thank you very much. For your information, I cover myself from neck to toe and have never lacked power in my profession.

they have never had to go through the anguish of finding an outfit that fits in all the right places. you have never been bra shopping. have you ever worn a thong? have you worn high heels? have you plucked your eyebrows or shaved your legs?
i would stand up for a man in a split second if he was being put down by society, take for example all the "dumb husband" commercials
Mooncake, I think we might be sisters. I would have said exactly the same. Btw I have never done any of the things apart form shaving legs and haave still managed to get married to a man that respect a woman with dignity. He is from Punjab which adds nicely onto "if you are fat yu can only have a Mexican" which shows that beauty is subjective and that non-Western men are on average less shallow. In Punjab the only adorment women have is soap and water, not even leg shaving and the men don't mind. Why is the West so perfection, thiness and sex obssesed? Although I am neither chubby nor unsightly it's stuff like hyper sexualisation of everything, shallowness and lack of mutual contact and respect that made me abandon my culture for ever and find my place in a more beautiful one.

Oh, but that's okay to objectify them, because men aren't important... It's not. I hate male strip clubs as much as female ones, I hate the lack of honour these people have and general superficality. I would stand up for my partner with my life if need be as would he for me...

And last but not least

I think we need to stop pointing the finger at men, and start pointing it at SOCIETY. Men are taught just as women are taught that women are sexual objects, and have to be thin to be worth anything. Sure. most men are jerks, but we feed into it too. Society is a piece of shit, and affects all of us. The Biggest APPLAUSE The West has gone to Hell (metaphorically)

Btw MoonCake if you wanna know where to find dignified clothing, respectful men and not have to wear a bra, I can give it you in another post
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