The 15 Strangest College Courses In America

Some really bizarre classes that are honestly offered at colleges include "Underwater Basket Weaving", "The Joy Of Garbage", and "Far Side Entomology". The professor who teaches the class "Arguing With Judge Judy" wants us to know,

...this class is “NOT a course about law or “legal reasoning.” It is instead an exploration of logical fallacies that are often presented by defendants and plaintiffs on court television shows like Judge Judy and The People’s Court. Seems right up the alley of most college students, as they are squarely in the demographic of afternoon television programming (which also targets the elderly and unemployed).


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I went to Kent State University and I took 'Cartoon Network's Adult Swim'. It was a class where we watched and analyzed the programs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. It was rather entertaining. My final paper was on the technology of Futurama. lol
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When I was at U Texas in the late 80s, Douglass Parker (the famed Aristophanes scholar and translator) taught a class called "Parageography", the study of imaginary geography. The final assignment of the class was to make up your own fictional world (this could very broadly defined--you could go at it with elaborate maps, or do an in-depth "study" the music or linguistics or economy or whatever).
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I go to Reed. We do have underwater basket weaving, but only as part of Paideia, a week of student-taught classes at the end of winter break. It's really a pretty rigorous school.
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