Redheads Are Aliens and Other Things You Didn't Know About the Human Hair

We all (okay, most of us) have hair - but how much do you know about the stuff that grows on our head? AskMen has a neat article on the 5 things you didn't know about ... the human hair:

4- Redheads may be aliens
There’s a conspiracy theory that redheads are alien-human hybrids. Think about it: Why did several kings and queens of Europe have red hair even though, percentage-wise, redheads are fairly rare? Why do so many Southies have red hair and speak a different language than other Boston locals?

It sounds crazy, but carrottops do have biological differences other than appearance. Redheaded women bleed longer, which is why doctors make special preparations for them in childbirth. They also have the smallest hair count on their heads, about 90,000 as opposed to 140,000 on people with blond and brown hair. That’s why Kick a Ginger Day began, just to keep these possible aliens on their toes.


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I'm a natural red head and quite beautiful.. I was never really teased when I was younger, just a few lighthearted jokes.. I always dyed my hair though when I was a teenager, I personally hated my red hair.. everybody loved it but me.. Now I'm 22 and I'm finally loving my red hair I'm never going to dye it again.. we r so unique and beautiful :)
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THATS A LODE OF SHIT im a red head and i have thick hair and also do not bleed for long omg ur stupit and can i just say alines are not real i take big ofence to this and will be reporting it
and also that im scotish so thats most pepol from scotlands hair . im a true scot and love it and thats not very nice of you saying all thoses thing about us and that mad man that ssaid dont trust us and love us im very hurt you have not met all of us if you met me i would kick your ass
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i can't believe it , i am a redhead girl and i am actually so cute!!
i think that we are just like everybody let me say this if we are so many rare is because we are really wonderfull
having a redhead is the best thing that happend to me ever!
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we are rare and not common, you have to be destroyed you know too much about us, we are coming for you, the mighty sword in hand and temper on fire just for you.
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this is low. I am a proud redhead and this makes me sick. only dicks would say this, I'm proud to be a "ginger" call me that if you want but wtf an alien.
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