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You don't even need Subway, just self control. Honesty, you can lose weight eating anything if you just don't eat too much of it. You could eat nothing but bacon and fried icecream and lose weight if you watched your portions. That just wouldn't be very satisfying or healthy though. I prefer a vegetarian whole food diet because you can eat more and it's less expensive. I'm so glad I switched. When I had a weight problem in the past my body did not deal with it well and I was sick a lot.
I do feel sorry for that family in some ways. They are probably miserable. Their government is enabling their wrong habits. Clearly they need help but how to give it is the question.
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We do this same type of thing in our country. I know of people in the U.S. who are disabled because of their weight problem and the complications it causes. You can live cheaply on a pretty healthy diet. Oatmeal is inexpensive and good for you. I eat cooked whole grains every morning and it's easy. Get a crock pot and make a pot of legumes for the family. My toddler loves beans. There are many varieties to choose from. Buy a big bag of inexpensive brown rice, potatoes and carrots, ect. There are really poor people who eat rice as most of their diet who are not overweight and unhealthy as these folks. I have found that a simple vegan diet is the cheapest way to go if you avoid all the fancy processed stuff. You have to change your mindset about food. It can save us from a host of cruel diseases.
Check it out - or check out the China Study from the Library
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I saw something like this at the TN Aquarium 10 years ago. I think it was called a Christmas tree jelly but it had colors just like this and they were running like blinking, sparking, Christmas lights.
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This is sad :( The kids is cute (not the smoking) but my guess he will age fast and dye young. It's a touch of reality and for sure not something you see everyday. I know in some countries it's accepted for children to smoke. But if we were to think about it, the US is degrading our children's health with fatty junk food. That's cutting life short and harmful the body as well.
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I'm wondering if that smiling spider pic you posted is photoshopped. It only has two eyes showing. If you follow the link it appears a similiar spider has more eyes on the front. The smile is also reversed. These are adorable pics though. I love them.
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I'veotten those ads to saying the classmates are looking for me. I figured it was just something everyone got. It's false advertising though and I hope he wins. I also have gotten those "fill this thing out" and see who has a crush on you. After wasting my time they finally asked for money and at that point I gave up.
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