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Cool ad spoofs! I can only see thumbnails on their site so I can't read what the other posters are saying. Well, actually one food poster worked but not the rest.
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Neat idea as an object lesson. I think I'd rather see a Bible that was real and had a glowing light illuminating it or something like that.
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I think he was going for the shock effect here. I agree it would be better to show some average sized ladies rather than these extremes.
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Eat it? Ewww. ha ha Well, I'm vegan so what's ya expect. I think it looks like a giant mole crab. I see smaller creatures very similiar to this every time I visit the beach in NC. They are fun for the kids to catch and then let go. We affectionately call them "diggers" because the dig in the sand so fast. The biggest I've seen was about the size of a quarter.
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