Elephant Hanging.

Mary the elephant killed her handler on September 12, 1916, in Tennessee and the crowd demanded justice.

From an article at Blue Ridge Country by Joan Vannorsdall Schroeder:

Regardless of the details, the end was the same -- a man dead. Justice to be served. ... As valuable as Mary was, she had to go.

The problem was, how?

Guns, of course, were the first course of action. Just after Eldridge's death, blacksmith Hench Cox fired his 32-20 five times at Mary; the story goes that the bullets hardly phased her. ... But the circus manager stated, "There ain't gun enough in this country that he could be killed"; another approach would have to be attempted.

Someone suggested electrocution: "They tried to electrocute her in Kingsport -- they put 44,000 volts to her and she just danced a little bit," railroader Mont Lilly claimed. ...

Other reports suggest a third execution method: hooking Mary to two opposing engines and dismembering her, or crushing her between two facing engines. Both were dismissed as too cruel.

And so it was decided, instead, that Murderous Mary would be hung by the neck from a derrick car the next day.

Sad, yet fascinating article: Link - via Fogonazos, Thanks Aberron!

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'And any man that kills animal, must be put down. Earth is not only for the men.'

Oh right... People seem to forget that most goods have to be tested on animals first. I don't only talk about make-up, who cares about that. I'm talking about medication, maybe the medication that saved your son, your brother, your mother, or even you from certain death! We should put down those doctors who found cures to the worst disease?

Also remember that capital punishment is what humans received to, so I'm pretty sure that it was only fair for the elephant, no?

People also seem to have no compassion for the person who was killed. As far as I know all those people who pity the elephant are the immoral ones. Not even a thought for the trainer? He was not an educated person, he knew what he was doing. He was killed by a beast that in itself was useless to society, while this man probably had a family, a family that needed him to bring bread on their plates (unless the mother also worked). All those people saying 'poor elephant' without any thought for the killed human being are the heartless ones in my eyes.

Nobody will miss the elephant, the killed man will be.

By the way, next time you eat some beef, or any other meat for that matter, think about how much cruelty this animal had to go through, doesn't that bother you? Feasting on the remains of a butchered animal?

Anyway, on with the picture.

I found it amusing, brought a chuckle. It must have been quite a sight in real life, I also appreciate its historical value.
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OMG PEOPLE. the only reason mary killed the guy was because the guy prodded here behid the ear which put her into a rage. i mean what kind of jerk would do that for no reason at all. i know hes a trainer but she wasnt doin anything wrong. so screw the guy who was killed. mary should have lived.
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aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww, so horrible i cant stand to even read it ! i cant even begin to fathom how evil that is! How can someone even do that *tear*! who ever did that needs to die it's so horrible!
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To all of the above, or future below bitching people:
I have NEVER seen so much whining in my life. If we took all of the children from the Pansy-Parents above and put them in a room, and denied them all their iPods and cellphones that mommy and daddy "promised"...you still wouldn't have the tear-cried level you have hear. The article says at the bottom "Sad but fascinating." And that sums it up. No one here likes animal cruelty! But it does make for an interesting story. And without having horrific acts like this placed in our faces, there wouldn't be any anti-cruelty movements. To those of you that lost sleep...Good!!! Take that time to think of maybe making a donation to your local animal shelter. Or better yet, volunteer some time. Good day!
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