Snow Faces

The folks over at 2pie blog have a pretty neat idea: make a snow print by pushing their faces into fresh powder on cars. The images are all concave, but make for an optical illusion of 3D sculptures!

I saw this circulating on the Net a few days ago, but didn't get the chance to post it till now. Better late than never! Link

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Some of you people are pretty funny. "Been around snow all my life!" You must just not have *played* in it enough, or you'd know different kinds of snow have all different sorts of characteristics in terms how well they can hold an impression, and how detailed that impression can be. What we see here is easily doable given a good wet pack and a deep impression. Poster Sam R. is dead on - the farther in you press, the compression packs the snow together better and produces a crisper, more detailed image.

These things are ridiculously easy to make - when the snow is right.
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First thing, about the buttons being on the wrong side. My dad has two shirts with buttons on both sides, so the person could be wearing either.
Second, about the karate chop and not being able to make fingers. If you look closely, you can tell that the person didn't do a karate chop, but just layed his hand flat on the snow but curved his fingers a little, but the left guy is definately making a karate chop.
Third, about the snow collapsing when they got up. If the snow was wet, it wouldn't do that. The person who posted this was just wrong about the snow, it wasn't powder snow, it was wet snow. Wet snow also makes it easy to make detailed imprints for the same reason.
Forth, about being lowered. You can easely do this without needing to be lowed by monkeybars or whatever, by laying yourself on the hood of the car in a worm like motion.
Other give-aways that make this pictures real is the left guy, who did a poor job at imprinting himself, because the face isn't very good; the arms of both people are obviously concave, and dont look 3-D at all; the neck of the right person looks concave as well and not 3-D; and where the other arms are Suposed to go looks very odd because they aren't in the snow, so that a third person can lift them up when they are done.
This picture is soooo realy!
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haha I guarantee these are real. The Seattle-area was hit with the perfect type of snow for a high level of detail when doing these prints. I myself had a lot of fun making a bunch of these around my yard.
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Lifelong MN resident and a professional graphic designer. Believe what you want about how the imprint was made, but the lighting is far too perfect to be photoshop. Anyway, I've seen this kind of imprint done in person. We used to do it as kids here at recess. You can see the edges aren't as perfect as the rest. The farther in the snow goes, the better the detail you get. It takes practice, but you have to press right so that the snow on top gets compacted. We figured it out after some kids fell off their sleds and imprinted the zippers of their snow-pants.
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