She Painted Her Car with Nail Polish

Jill Bell of Urbana, Maryland repaired a scratch on her car with a dab of nail polish, and liked the look so much that she painted her entire car with it!
Over the next 13 months, from September 2007 to this past October, she completely covered her car in a quilt-like pattern – as a quilter, she found the multi-pattern paint job fitting, she said.

Bell said she collected between 100 to 250 bottles of nail polish, but did not have an exact idea as she simply used bottles from anyone she could get it from.

"Lots of ladies in my church donated nail polish, and lots of ladies at Weight Watchers, too," she said. She said it would be nearly impossible for her to estimate the dollar value of all the bottles, as each brand cost a different amount – anywhere from under a dollar to $5.

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(image credit: Bill Ryan/The Gazette)

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I saw the SC flag too. We've had a car here in Columbia, SC that has been painted with nailpolish for years. In fact, "The Nailpolish Car" is painted on it in nailpolish. She's taking credit for something she didn't even come up with.
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There is a S.C. flag on the door, because I lived there for 6 years. There is a Maryland flag on the hood.

I used to draw on the car with washable markers. I also let the kids that I nanny for draw on it too. I got tired of that and wanted something more permanent.
The nail polish is holding up very well. I have to touch stuff up when it fades. (Only hot colors seem to fade. The blue, on the S.C. flag has not faded one bit, in several months, but some of the yellows and reds fade in a few weeks.)

I don't think I will ever sell it. I plan to drive it until it dies a horrible death.
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