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Jail for 10 years? I think that's a bit harsh if that happens. Let her go to high school. Hey she did actually make the team. Yeah, fine her and maybe some community service. That's my opinion.
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I think that we are losing our DIY skills partly because just about everything is designed to be disposable. It's a shame and yes it matters.
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According to what his sister told me, Leslie lemke actually started playing music on the bed springs that held his mattress up underneath his bed. That's when they decided to get him a musical instrument. When I saw him he was thinner and older looking than in the video shown. I think I remember him having a beard too. His sister also said he would play at the piano until he dropped over from exaustion if they let him. They had to make him rest and eat.
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When I was a teenager I spent some time with Leslie Lemke. I sang a song into his good ear and then he played it back perfectly. The one note I sang a little flat he played that way. I wonder if he is still alive.
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I do agree that telling parents that their kids are overweight will not help.

Sweet Violet, I see what you are saying but personally I haven't found that to be the case. I know grownups who stil eat the healthy vegan diets that their parents raised them too. Yes there are bad influences out there but overall we can make a difference by train our kids right. I'm a firm believer in that. I also homeschool but my kids spend days away with their friends sometimes. What I don't like is how kids are taught that they need to snack,snack,snack,snack,snack all the time. That's a little hard for my kids because we don't eat in between meals. Our stomachs need a rest, not to be constantly working. We also don't watch TV so they are commercial free most of the time. I rent and check out programs from the library for them to watch.
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