Hero Dog Risked Life to Save Another Dog

This went 'round the Web about a few days ago, but I just found out about it: here's a YouTube clip of a dog risking its life to save its friend who was ran over by a car.

Translation: "These images seen from the surveillance cameras show a very common situation with our overpopulated highways. It is normal for us to see dogs run over. In the video, we can see this dog fighting for his life because he was run over by the vehicle.

"What is very touching is to see the very heroic actions of this other dog who is trying to pull him to the side of the highway. We are going to keep seeing things like this until we find a solution to the dogs living on the streets."

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Larfin Jackarse!

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Personally, it looks like the dog was trying to hump the other one, or possible even move it so it can eat it.

And yes, hungry animals will canibalize each other. It is not rare. Even wolves will eat pack mates.

I know its hard for people to cope with, but animals are not furry humans, and the world is not a Disney movie.

Notice how when people say "Animals are better than people!111" they usually mean dogs or cats, animals that have been bred for thousands of years specifically to be docile towards us. They will also chase and kill small animals for fun. I had a dog that had plenty food, but she loved killing squirrels and rolling around on their dead bodies. But if a human did this, people would be morally digusted. Animals do not have morals. That is why we do not hold them to moral standards like we do humans.

Let me know when you see a (non-female suffering the loss of her cubs) lion saving a hyena, a spider saving a fly, a horse saving a cow, an alligator saving a jackal, etc, or animals forming rescue groups even amongst their own species.

Its not even uncommon for chimps to kill and eat their own infant family members.

Sure, the dog could be saving the other, but it most likely isn't. The reason this is on the news is because of how RARE it is for an untrained dog (who rescues because of rewards) to care about another dog in such a way. It is not the norm.
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Did anyone notice the arrows in the highway when hero dog was dragging the injured dog, but no arrows painted in the road when the dog was run over???
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Two things
Is this selfless heroic behavior as it appears?
Dogs drag with there jaws -not front legs.
Is this real?
IF so then again I have to change my mental awareness of dog and animal behavior.
I also recently saw the video of the polar bear playing with the chained sled dogs -another mind bender about animal behavior!rogjack6112@comcast.net
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@ violet

You stated:
"I’ve never seen the “thanks for ruining my day” people on other blogs"

That's why I don't post here anymore. Too many crybabies. Some people just don't grasp the idea that if you don't like the subject, don't click on the link and yet the still do and whine about it.
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I found this article quite neat; it's neat because it's rare to witness untrained heroics in animals. As a dog owner I do honestly believe there was good intent behind pulling the other dog off the road. The dog that was doing the pulling did not look starved. It is quite possible the dogs were in a pack, in which case dogs are extremely loyal.
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