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So many things make me happy - I'm pretty easy that way. I realize we need to find happiness in our life, it doesn't find us. But some of the things that get me are a sincere compliment from one of my awesome friends, a good book, a beautiful sunset, ice cream, good music, when my niece and nephews are good (I'm their nanny), travelling, live shows.....

The thing that's making me happiest today though is knowing I have a new adventure starting. I'm leaving nowhere, Ontario, Canada, to head back to China. Wooooot!
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Alex - and unless you've had the chance to experience a dust storm in Inner Mongolia, you haven't really seen one. Snow storms where nothing there.

My NPR name would be Amyj Naiman. I like it~
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Here in Canada, The Hitchhiker's Guide and Sluaghterhouse Five were banned. The Guide because of the one use of the word "Wh*re", and Slaughterhouse becuase of the m-effer word. Apparently, according to Vonnegut, the authorities were worried sons of mothers everywhere wouldn't be able to resist their primal urges if they read such a word.

It's still incomprehensible to me that a book can be banned and kept away from our children due to a word. TG for my hs English teacher who gave me a copy of Slaughterhouse Five anyway, and incited a love for me...
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I recommend beating them with axe handles whenever they get out of line. Also, replacing toothpaste with krazy glue = hilariousness.
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From PEI, lived all over Ontario (the Ottawa Valley, Ottawa, Windsor, Kingston, Toronto....), plus spent time in Newfoundland, Inner Mongolia, and Khon Kaen, Thailand. I LOVED Khon Kaen, and would go back in a heartbeat, but instead, I'm planning on heading back to China. I love where I live now, the Ottawa Valley, the only place outside of Australia where a typical greeting is "G'day, lad, how's she going?".
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Thanks for putting it up here, Alex:) I think it's a really important piece of work, and everyone should watch it, both for the heartbreaking truth, and the inspiration that can be found there.
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As a redhead, I don't understand why you guys are all upset over Kick a Ginger Day. I think it's pretty funny, and am prepared to defend myself. It's just a joke, people.

Also, the redheads-as-aliens is explored in a Tom Robbins book, Still Life with Woodpecker. But heads up - if the idea of Kick a Ginger Day is very unfunny to you, you will hate Robbins.
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Peniston - Honestly, we're not all d*cks here.

Newfoundland has a treasure trove of dirty and funny places names, like Dildo and Spread Eagle Bight (or Arm, I forget which). There's also places called Goobies, Horse Chops, Ha Ha Harbour, and Heart's Desire. And many, many more.

They're a wacky folk.....
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It's def not ashes in that jar. Check out where the pic comes from:
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Whoa! I got to stay in one of those tents (actually called yerts, not gers) in Dah Xing Go, a forest preserve in Inner Mongolia, China, for $3 a nite:) I can't imagine any place charging $300 for a nite's lodging....
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Lyndon - she sure does.

And the dancers have 6 days to learn each new routine, at least 3 routines a week.

I'm a huge fan of this show, I think dance is an almost forgotten art these days, and not enough people are still even aware of it any more. There is on particular piece on this show, a waltz by Twitch and Kherington, that makes me cry every time due to the story behind the routine.

Bollywood was a new format for the show, and Josh and Katie rocked it, I'm not even sure how many times I've seen the routine now, but I still love it. here's hoping there's lots more to come from Nakul!
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