Bollywood on American pop television

I walked into the room where my wife was watching the American program So You Think You Can Dance - sort of an American Idol for dancers as opposed to singers. To my amazement, one of the American teams, Joshua and Katee - an African-American and an Asian-American - were performing a highly emotive, kick-ass Bollywood number to to Hindi music. The song was Dhoom Taana from the Bollywood picture Om Shanti Om. This was ground-breaking fun for an otherwise cheesy television show. I loved the whole idea and was pleasantly surprised to see another of my favorite blogs, Salon's How the World Works writing about it as well. YouTube.

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As an AVID SYTYCD fan, I find this pairing one of the best in all the seasons. They have been given such highly charges routines every week, and pull them off incredibly! eg:

As for Mia, you either love her or hate her. Personally, I find her brilliant. to each their own.
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themadlolscientist- I have to correct you.
Benji is not the first season winner. Benji was on the 2nd season of SYTYCD.
The winner of the 1st season is Nick Lazzarini
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Monroe, I think the 5 1/2 hours refers to time in the studio with the choreographers. They have the remaining days in between that and the performance to practice on their own time with their partner.

It really is a fantastic show. I wish people would be more open-minded about it, but then most people really don't understand the difficulty and complexity of dance.
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