Cuddly IKEA Stuffed Animals

I mean, if you find cockroaches cuddly. Or is it a roly poly? I don't know what this thing is supposed to be, and I can't find it on the IKEA site. All I know is that I was simultaneously repulsed and amused when I saw a big bin of these at IKEA the other day, so I snapped a picture. His mouth zips open, so he can be used for storage or as a purse or something. I thought about getting this for a friend's upcoming baby shower, but then decided she probably wouldn't appreciate the gesture.

I'm torn. What do you guys think - funny? Creepy? Or both?

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I'm sorry to hear that we are not to be found in Ikea at the moment. I'm sure we will make a welcome return at some point. I was personally taken home by a lovely family who have looked after me very well. They even helped me to set up my own facebook page so I can stay in touch with all my friends.
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just discovered these critters. may be obsessed... i've got three (so far). they really are quite compelling and oddly charming. no longer available from ikea, but seem to pop up on e-bay. (where i got mine)

could be the face...
could be the eyes...
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I have one, it's so cute! I think it's a roly poly, but I don't know. I saw a couple in the window of a cloting store, and the clothes were all grey and green, the same colors! It was so funny!
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Is anyone willing to sell one to me?
I am helping someone with a bug phobia and there seems to be a lack of cute bug related toys and this one is perfect!
My email address is
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