Humorous Art of Honoring the Dead?

How we treat death says much about who we are as a people - or in this case as an individual. What is the proper response? Do we mourn and move on or keep the memory alive in strage personal ways? Is this hilarious or vastly inappropriate? You decide:

The warning label on the jar of Grandma's ashes has a very different effect from the "Super-Fun Mystery Drawer." Instead of making Grandma's less-than-savory remains more desirable, it seems to be more of a reminder--possibly to someone who is absent-minded or twisted to the point that it's not obvious that eating Granny just ain't kosher. There is a subtle "leftover" pun, which conveys a disrespect for the dead, contrasting with society's usual reverence for the dead and elders. The disrespect and reverence are balanced out by the half-hearted care expressed by the Sharpie-scrawled wish to not have the loved-one devoured in a bleary-eyed midnight fridge-raid.


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As I type this, I have half of my friend Chris's dad in my trunk. He was a real fatty, so his ashes came in two containers. I'm not sure how I ended up with one, but I usually win the "who has the strangest thing in their car" game.
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I'd say, it depends on the dead person. I think doing something to honor their memory is a good thing, and if 'grandma' was the kind of person who would find this hilarious, or come up with it herself, then it's cool.
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