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i loved the book... the movie brazil was pretty decent.

just another reason why people born june 12, 1984 are so awesome... yes... yes we are.
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my brother's dog has a tattoo... however, it was done for i.d.ing purposes and he had been getting neutered at the same time... he rocks out an old english k on his ear... good zeus, good dog...
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i've seen his stuff in person at the sofa (sculptural objects functional art) convention in chicago. they really are beautiful. however, his pieces with the colored crayons used almost like "polka-dots" throughout the picture annoy me. when used as lines, not so much.
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at three and a half months, my golden retriever was trying to decide if he wanted to pee on this part of the carpet or that part. i have never seen a puppy that calm in my life. i agree with one man's comments (on the site) that something is odd about that dog. yes people can be excellent trainers but something seems off.
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i'm famous in my family for the worst wrapping jobs ever. in the past years, i've gotten better but one of the most remembered was when i put the present in a paper grocery bag and then stappled it shut. when visiting my parents, i'm still not allowed to fold laundry since i'm so terrible at it
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if artists are phony, then i'm proud to call myself a phony. there are 2 things people tend to forget

1) often, not just "artists" make art...
if artists are phony, and we get away with selling work for outrageous sums i can only assume this:
-your house is ugly
-your car is hideous
-if you have tattoos, those are unfathomable pieces of crap
-your furniture is hideous
there are so many other examples. hell, if you have a lawn then it is ugly. landscaping, architecture, design, body art, all of these are pieces of crap because artists are phony.

2) yes, buying art can be expensive but you also have to factor in: supplies (which believe me are not cheap) the man hours put into it, the concept of the idea, the cost for electricity/gas (such as in ceramics or glass blowing), the cost of equipment, etc. there have been many times in my life where i've lived off of peanut butter sandwiches and water in order to save money for more supplies. and if no one bought one of those pieces, my pride wasn't hurt... just my checkbook. most people that wish to become artists, never make that money back.

everyone is an artists in their own right... of course, no one can understand all the different nuances of them... for example, arranging flowers or landscaping. i honestly don't understand the difference in the flowers or grass etc... but that doesn't mean i can't appreciate that someone put their time and money into that project. i respect them for wanting to make the world more beautiful.

so please, don't judge artists. i get tired of people assuming that since i'm an artist, i'm some sort of dirty worthless hippie who just can't hold down a job. i go to school full time, i work, i pay my bills, i don't do drugs. this is just how i wish to spend my life.

if you don't like something, we'll listen to your criticism. but make sure its more than just "thats ugly/crap" or "my kid could do it". EXPLAIN why you don't like it. we're living our lives as we dreamed. and please don't repress your child's artistic talents.
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sometimes, my generation embarasses me. i'm sad for the generation behind because of the freedoms and liberties we will take away...

on a side note, today, i could not find little green army men. several differents stores, all the toy aisles... what? can kids no longer play with things if they don't move?
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and here is another glass blower!

when sus and lv refer to it being "hot" what they're really saying is you get to stick your hand about 2-3 ft. from a crucible (aka a pot) that has molten glass in it at around 2100 degrees F. its a sweat job/hobby, but so freaking fun!

a major downside: whenever i tell people i blow glass, the first question they usually ask is "will you make me a pipe?".... no
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i've tried stained glass before (of course it was large, profane words) but i found the hardest part was getting the little black lines on correctly
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thanks for your concern. i spent my birthday yesterday packing sand bags, passing out water bottles and helping friends empty their basements.

the old record for flood water was around 20ft. last i checked we're at 31ft. we're also down to 25% of the water usage we normally have. tap water is still drinkable, but showers, washing cloths, flushing toilets (gross, i know) are frowned on.

there is a curfew now because of some small looting.

our shelters are getting full. several thousand people were evacuated from their homes.

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