The YouTube Gunman

Just 24 hours after 22-year-old Matti Saari was questioned by police after he posted a disturbing YouTube video and released because he had the proper gun license, he went to a school and opened fire on students:

Saari uploaded disturbing footage onto YouTube of himself practising at a firing range and turning to the camera to proclaim: ‘You will die next.’

Worried police interviewed the second-year domestic science student about the clips - but, because he had an appropriate gun license, did not take him into custody.

Just one day later he stormed into an exam hall and opened fire with an automatic weapon before killing himself.


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I find the picture offensive because the gunman is smiling - it's obviously just someone taking a "cute" photo w/ a gun, and to have it used in conjunction with a real tragedy makes me feel ill.
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Did he kill himself? Well, then, he did have the guts to finish the job. I had heard that he was still alive - shot all the other people and then couldn't do himself.

just a guy, you've got a good point. I think what they do is they back themselves into a corner. This guy - nobody would care if he just shot himself in his apartment. He wants to be noticed, but he also doesn't have the balls to shoot himself without first building himself up.

So, he goes and kills a bunch of people he never liked, and with the cops on their way, he can finally find the "courage" to take his own life. He's gone past the point of no return, and forced himself to die or face the consequences of his actions. At that point, death becomes the easier option for him, and he's able to pull the trigger.

Still a coward.
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For what it's worth (and I would've hoped N-o-Rama to get this right in their post), police did not see the really threatening videos prior to the shooting -- for example the one saying "You will die next". Some of the material was released on the day of the shootings, i.e., after the interview.

It's easy to accuse this particular police man for mishandling this case. But you should get your facts right before doing so. What this man saw was not the threatening stuff, what he saw was just a seemingly normal guy practicing at a shooting range.

Furthermore, it's hard for any one police to cull out nutcases like this in interviews. Matti Saari fooled many other people as well, including the school principal and Matti's school friends, most of which thought Matti was just a normal boy and didn't feel he was in any way suspicious.
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@sw: No I hadn't - guess I've seen way to many drug killings to even look anymore. Now that's sad...

@bekkie: As I mentioned above, I will bet it was psychotropics that got him into that state of mind in the first place. Why in God's name would you want to send him back to those quacks for more?
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extremely sad that they released him.. just because he had a proper gun license.. normal people do not make videos like this.. period. he should have been taken in for a psychiatric evaluation and put under extreme supervision.. very sad.
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