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um... not sure, i know most of the jails here are full already. we've had a levee break, a railroad bridge collapse. our meter for measuring the river depth is broken and completely underwater, plus the current is too fast to measure it manually.
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entire towns around cedar rapids have been evacuated. due to a levee break, the entire downtown is flooded. our jail has been evacuated since it is placed on the island in the middle of the river. more rain is coming.

today is my birthday, but i'm going to fill sandbags.
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i loved the episode of space ghost when bjork guest starred. even though she annoys the crap out of me, the show was hilarious. several of my friends have cds put out my [adult swim] with all the songs from space ghost. "oh mashed potatoes!"
venture brothers rocks my world and aqua teen hunger force is awesome.

i'm not a huge fan of anime, but i love cowboy bebop and trigun. i would totally become a cartoon if i could either marry nicholas d. wolfwood or spike.... of course both of them die at the end of their series.
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ha! thats totally understandable! people say the same thing about my friend will: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=345482056&MyToken=cac47b0e-0878-4329-ac6c-e8db83a307be
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i was born and raised in iowa, no i didn't grow up on a farm, i don't own any overalls and i've never ridden a tractor in my life.
-cedar rapids is the only place in the world besides paris to have its government building on an island in the middle of a river. its home to the national czech and slovak museum and library. also the mother mosque of america is supposed to be the oldest mosque (purpose built. it is where quaker oats first started- that would be the smell.
-keokuk (my hometown, no snickering) is a few miles south of galland school which is a reconstruction of the first school in iowa. it has a large reenactment of the battle of pea ridge, the last weekend of april. there is a statue of chief keokuk overlooking the mississipi river. its said his body is buried there, but his head is buried under a tree in the park. the hydroelectric plant, lock and dam 19 (where my dad works) was the largest in the world for a long time and draws many bald eagles in the winter since it breaks the ice.
-if in iowa city, go to the hamburg inn
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as a side note to the first comment, i personally disagree with writer's block and depression being the same. i find that my poetry thrives more when i feel depressed.
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i'm a published poet as well as someone who suffers from severe depression and here is my take on the issue:

i think when someone suffers from a mental illness, finding a way to express the internal/eternal battle tends to verge towards the more artistic side of life. so rather than being a poet who becomes depressed and kills themself, it is rather someone who is depressed and also writes poetry, loses the battle and kills themself.
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as someone that grew up 20 miles from ft. madison, iowa, i can personally say the town is full of idiots, the state prison .... and smells like hot dogs.
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no f-ing way the green lantern's ring is cooler than darth maul's double lightsaber or cherry's machine gun leg! highly disappointed at this list... i may go curl up in a ball in the corner and cry
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