Say Hello to the Human Egg

That, my friend, is what you and I and everyone else in this world started out as: the human oocyte. Dr. Jacques Donnez at the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels, Belgium, was carrying out a partial hysterectomy on a45-year-old woman when she ovulated.

Link - via metafilter

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I wasn't grossed out by the pics. Just a bit taken back & wide-eyed when I saw it. A warning that the pics are "graphic" would have been appreciated. I still would have looked at the pics but would have been prepared. Anyway, whether you "procreate", are "fruitful & multiply", or "reproduce" it's an amazing thing! Thanks for posting them.
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Why don't we all have another debate about religion and procreation!?!? Sounds like fun!

Seriously, believe whatever you want to believe (religion or science) but keep it to yourself - don't press it on anyone else. Nobody likes this shit - it's old, and none of us want to read it anymore.

This probably could have used a warning, but it really doesn't matter - it's safe for work, and pretty interesting. I, for one, am not bothered by it.
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Oh great, I'll be thinking of this the next time I'm lickin' snatch.

I know it's natural, but still. Makes me wonder what that thing must smell like.
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Geez people. You know, if those photos were just of a bizarre rainforest plant or something, nobody would be freaking out, and believe me, there's some gross-looking but fascinating stuff in the natural world.

It seems to be that because it's a part of a female reproductive system, people are finding it scandalous. It feels weirdly puritanical. Honestly, if you didn't know what it was, you'd see it as what it is: a strange and interesting photo of a natural organism.
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