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Black Hole Destroying a Star
What happens when a star is caught in a black hole's gravitational pull? How does it get sucked in?

Watch this amazing simulation: Link

Serenity Bar Fight Rehearsal
Remember the fight scene in the movie Serenity where River pwns the entire bar? Here's the video clip of the rehearsal, which in some ways, if much better than the one in movie itself.


Peeing While Walking
Yes, I know it's wrong - but I've got to say, it takes some skillz to pee while walking. That or a state of supreme drunkenness. Maybe both.

A comment on VideoSift by Pprt: "When urine a rush ..."

Link (SFW, don't worry - you can't see nothin')

Star, the Smart Dog
At 3 and a half month old, Star the Border Collie Puupy is smarter than my kid!

Here's a 5 min-long clip of the smartest puppy on the planet: Link

Ice Skating Polar Bear
If you think that Star the dog is smart, checkout this ice skating polar bear! Smart (spreading the weight around so the thin ice doesn't break) and cute!


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Serenity fight rehearsal: Even with the safety gear and harnesses visible, that stunt lady is many times more convincing than Glau. If I never see Glau in a movie again, that'd be fine by me. That stunt lady, however, I'd like to see more of.
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peeing while walking is the way to go. nobody sees you standing all obvious in one spot, plus it doesn't leave a pool of nasty to ferment, but just dries right out.
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Wow, that's a smart puppy and adorable. Border collies always seem to be very intelligent.

That Serenity bar fight rehearsal was pretty awesome. That woman doing all of the moves was VERY impressive. So much power behind all of her moves.
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at three and a half months, my golden retriever was trying to decide if he wanted to pee on this part of the carpet or that part. i have never seen a puppy that calm in my life. i agree with one man's comments (on the site) that something is odd about that dog. yes people can be excellent trainers but something seems off.
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