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I bet the Obama toilet paper would never make it on here.

The entirely predictable political leaning of Neatorama is getting very tedious. Guess I might have to quit this blog, like Boing Boing, and find something better. There are lots of blogs on the Internet -- why should I waste my time on a crappy one?
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I wonder what would happen if a baby was born on the International Space Station? Would the child be a citizen of all the countries passed over during the mother's labour?
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Considering the terrible things that happen to men when wives divorce them, I think surrogacy is the way to go for men who want children.

That is, until the artificial womb is perfected.
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Sorry, I'm too busy laughing at Barack Obama -- caught up in a corruption scandal before he's even been inaugurated!

I can just see him standing up at a press conference and solemnly saying 'I am not a crook'.
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No, Moon, I mean the Congress that has been majority-controlled by Democrats since 2006, and whose approval ratings during that time have varied between 8% and 13%.

It will be interesting to see if the newly-elected Democratic majority congress can improve on this record. That's if any of them are left after all the corruption investigations.
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I can actually read the font.

But none of the words or phrases in the picture at the head of this post mean anything to me -- and I spend a lot of time cruising the Internet.

Perhaps some of the words in the original article might be actual buzzwords -- but I'm not going to click on a link to the New York Times to find out. I have standards.
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