Sarah Palin Toilet Paper

I know Neatorama isn't a political blog, (yet another thing I love about it), but I just couldn't resist the chance to share this special Sarah Palin toilet paper. Regardless of your own political affiliation, you have to admit, it takes a special person to have a toilet paper printed with your face on it.

Maybe you never liked Palin, maybe you're just upset at her for losing the election, but whatever your reason for wanting to buy this, it's still going to run you a pretty hefty $9. So I guess you'd better really want it.

Also, if this floats your boat, you may enjoy the John McCain punching bag for the same reason.


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amoebaboy -

RE:'reminds me of the thatcher toilet paper back in the eighties, someone made a fortune out of that.'

You can get it at
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It´s not hated against Palin. She keeps coming back out to TALK and I´m sorry, but it´s funny! She won´t go away, soooooooooooo..........
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Wow, this is just amazing. I didn't like Palin or dislike her, but I couldn't understand the sheer overkill of vitriol directed toward her. It was interesting to see just how cruel and hateful her critics could be. No, it wasn't interesting, I take that back; it was sickening. But without getting into politics (I vote third party, if you're interested), as someone else pointed out, if this was toilet tissue with Obama's face on it, the reactions would be far different.
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