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Sarah Palin Toilet Paper

I know Neatorama isn't a political blog, (yet another thing I love about it), but I just couldn't resist the chance to share this special Sarah Palin toilet paper. Regardless of your own political affiliation, you have to admit, it takes a special person to have a toilet paper printed with your face on it.

Maybe you never liked Palin, maybe you're just upset at her for losing the election, but whatever your reason for wanting to buy this, it's still going to run you a pretty hefty $9. So I guess you'd better really want it.

Also, if this floats your boat, you may enjoy the John McCain punching bag for the same reason.


Though I'm guilty of the same thing, I notice that the phrase "Neatorama isn't a political blog" is invariably followed by a political post, and 99 times out of 100, it's against Republican/conservatism.
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Let the fun begin. I'm going to crack a few cold ones and watch the bantering. Personally, I'll side with those folks who think this is funny. But not you, eh, Alex? Go ahead, take your best (s)wipe!
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I'm with Alex. For the second time this week, Neatorama insists it's not a political blog - immediately followed by a dig at Sarah Palin. Just because you say it doesn't make it true.
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Yeah and the time I suggested a link about something anti-democratic I got an email with a link to a far left website bashing the link I suggested... Not political, maybe.. Unbiased? Definitely not.

Anyways, I'd buy the tp just for a chance to have Palin in my pants :O. J/K Don't tell my wife I said that lol.
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The reason the TP rolls "cost" is because unlike almost everything else you've been buying, these rolls aren't produced in China. They are PRINTED IN THE USA (on recycled paper using soy ink). I know that the HITLER TP that "The Brits" were printing in WWII was much more expensive - but then again - they were hand pressed.
ADD: Try to think of these rolls as "collector's items" that are handed down for generations, rather than actually used. FYI: A GW BUSH TP roll was dropped into a cornerstone time capsule of a Federal Gov building (by a Fed employee) that will be opened in 2100.
-Duderino, president of and inventor of GW BUSH and PALIN TP
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Neatorama is as niche-less as claimed; you can take a look at the archive categories to verify tor yourself.

Jill went to the effort to premptively resolve potential misunderstanding about a lighthearted post covering a public figure who, meeting an apparent market demand I suppose, can find her image and quotes printed upon toilet paper. The point was and continues to be required as a few folks seem to get upset enough to comment.

Now that the hippie sasquatch ninja-wonk that is the neatorama hive mind has been outed, perhaps you'll kindly include an off-limits list of topics so the people who run, contribute content,and enjoy viewing the site can keep you from being devastated by quick post addressing a $9 roll of tacky but funny toilet paper.
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Everyone as of yet makes a good point.

The phrase "... not political ..." usually means the same as "no offense."

Obviously, the easiest, high-ground thing to do is to say "none taken," but it seems like a rather cheap shot today (after an Obama victory, etc etc) to continue to kick the loser while he's down.

We have 4/8 years to make fun of liberals now. There's been quite a few of making fun of conservatives.

It's simply uncouth to kick a party when their down.
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"When they're down," not "when their down."

Unless I'm referring to "when their down pillows burst."

It's also uncouth to kick a party when their down pillows burst.
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Can't wait for the well rounded humor when you do a short on the Obama-sockmonkey?
What?, that is too Political sily me, i keep forgetting that blackiswhite and upisdown in the leftosphere

jebus, can't you just admit you can't even see the idiotic hypocrisy of that opening statement?
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I bet the Obama toilet paper would never make it on here.

The entirely predictable political leaning of Neatorama is getting very tedious. Guess I might have to quit this blog, like Boing Boing, and find something better. There are lots of blogs on the Internet -- why should I waste my time on a crappy one?
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Here's the thing, all you hurt I-heart-Palin afficionados..Do you really visit Neatorama for the politics? No, you don't. You visit it for it's unwavering and constant awesomeness. So if you don't like the (presumed) political inclination of the makers you either figure the site is still pretty damn amazing in non-political posts or you jusy go ahead drag your butt over to and try to be amused there..

People have different opinions, deal with it
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I'm not a Palin fan. Really, I'm not. It's strange to see a lot of hatred still being directed toward her, even though she's no longer in the running. Makes the left-leaners seem ultra petty.

And I loved the "their down pillows" comment.
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Anyone who would manufacture this is mentally ill.
Anyone who would publicize it on the Internet (e.g., Jill Harness) is sheer evil and may be diabolically possessed.
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Yes, that's a side splitter, alright. Why not a video of someone pulling a chair from under Ms. Palin, so we can all watch her fall on her ass?

That would be a hoot.
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Gee, theres nothing sexual about that at all. It also grosses me out so I wouldn't use it.

For anyone who is angry at Alex for all the political posts, please stop. Election season hasn't died down yet so its hard not to find stuff like this.
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Wow, this is just amazing. I didn't like Palin or dislike her, but I couldn't understand the sheer overkill of vitriol directed toward her. It was interesting to see just how cruel and hateful her critics could be. No, it wasn't interesting, I take that back; it was sickening. But without getting into politics (I vote third party, if you're interested), as someone else pointed out, if this was toilet tissue with Obama's face on it, the reactions would be far different.
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It´s not hated against Palin. She keeps coming back out to TALK and I´m sorry, but it´s funny! She won´t go away, soooooooooooo..........
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amoebaboy -

RE:'reminds me of the thatcher toilet paper back in the eighties, someone made a fortune out of that.'

You can get it at
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