Kids Without Wives: Men are Turning to Surrogacy to Become Single Dads

There's an intriguing trend afoot: men - both gay and straight - are turning to surrogacy to become single dads.

Surrogacy experts say because the practice is not regulated, many surrogacy arrangements are handled privately by individuals. Precise figures are hard to come by, but experts say there's no doubt the United States is experiencing a surrogacy baby boom. [...]

Surrogacy experts say gestational surrogacy has increased steadily since the advent of in vitro fertilization in the early 1980s, because it provides an extra layer of emotional and legal protection for the client. The egg donor usually does not even know the client, and unlike the legally contentious "Baby M" case from the 1980s, the surrogate is not giving birth to her genetic child.

"It rises as an issue far less frequently with gestational surrogacy, because women never see it as their child to begin with," said John Weltman, president of Circle Surrogacy. [...]

Although most of their single male clients are gay, surrogacy providers say a smaller but growing number are straight. Steven Harris, a New York malpractice and personal-injury attorney, says he gave up trying to get married when he realized his primary motive was to start a family.

Harris, 54, says he knew he made the right decision after 21-month old Ben was born. "I thought getting married was the only way to go, because I did want a family. But having Ben, I feel complete now," Harris says.

It's fatherhood without all the hassles of a marriage - is that a good thing? Ronni Berke of CNN has the story: Link - Thanks Tiff!

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The risks to men of getting married and having children with a woman in western countries are so extreme that frankly I think surrogacy is the only rational option for many men.

From the child's point of view I think this is better than what 25 - 50% get. 50% end up with divorced parents and most of those have little or no contact with their fathers. So these children loose contact with a father that they once loved. With surrogacy they will always have their loving father and they never knew their mother.
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My partner and I have twins who just turned two. We used an egg donor and a gestational surrogate. I gave up a career as a CPA to stay home with my kids and don't regret it at all. Having children has been a dream come true for me and I will be forever grateful to the two women (egg donor and surrogate) who made this possible. They are truly heroes. Our kids have no doubt who their parents are: daddy & papa.

Because so many hateful people have made it difficult for gay couples to adopt, I never considered adoption. With surrogacy, the children are biologically related to one of us and under our state laws the other part of a couple can be specified as the child's parent. Thus, only our names appear on the birth certificates.
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I'm all for it. Why shouldn't men be allowed to become single fathers without the drama/baggage that comes along with marriage? Women have been doing it for far longer than men.

Sadly, this is one more thing for the traditional/pro-family/"you're destroying society, where are your morals?" idiots to latch on to.
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Considering the terrible things that happen to men when wives divorce them, I think surrogacy is the way to go for men who want children.

That is, until the artificial womb is perfected.
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I knew a guy who did this about 30 years ago. He wanted kids without the emotional baggage of the wife-thing. So he made financial arrangements with a co-worker of his who had "desirable genetic traits" (as he put it), made the baby the old-fashioned way, then parted ways after the baby was born. I haven't seen much of him since then, but it seems things went well.

I would think that one concern is that a pedophile would try something like this. Scary to think of what the kid would be in for.
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