UN satellite presentation of current Gaza conflict

While war most certainly isn't "neat," those following the Israel/Hamas conflict in Gaza at the moment might appreciate the United Nation's UNOSAT division's excellent marked and annotated satellite image that illustrates current information about the conflict.

If you find the Gaza image useful, you can sign up for notifications or an RSS feed from the site. They provide similar timely annotated imagery of many natural disasters, conflicts and other newsworthy geographically relevant events throughout the year.


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Israel has been sufering 8 years of kassam strikes that any media had never covered. Israel has lost every publicitary war but won every military one and you bloggers are just part of that cycle.
The only people that is hoping fore children to be killed are Hamas militants that beneficts with world acceptance when it gets spread in the news, they are actually forcing Israel to take the agressive position. They have an Agenda not Israel. They have a multibillionare oil-based financed Lobby, not Israel. Israel acts on facts, not on "zionist conspiracy.. protocolar lobbys.. crap". Palestinians have a Modus Operandi: They throw the rocket, hide, get atacked, wait until their children gets hurt and get the world to feel sorry for them.
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We have to think the whole history. This is not the 1st country of Israelis.
Israelis thought (and many still think) that they are the chosen people of God, a belief which was based on the metaphysics (Hitler and the Nazis believed that without the metaphysical). For many centuries they were searching the land of Edem, and again with Moses they occupied the same space. Then they send away the Filistees (believed to be the ancestors of the Palestinians).
When the Roman emperor Tiberius expelled the Jews, the area around was occupied by residents.
It was then, neither Arabs nor Muslims, and in fact Palestinians are not Arabs, but rather the two peoples share a common origin from Mesopotamia.
A little more than 1900 years later, the scattered Jews around the world with the help of the Western States have achieved their return to the same place. But again, as the time of Moses and then had to send away those who lived there. I note that the area was called Palestine for centuries (and conquerors of the past: the British).
The whole region has a troubled history and many conquerors, some note: Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks (Alexander the Great and Byzantium), Romans, Arabs, Western Crusaders, Ottoman Turks, British, etc. .
The modern state of Israel based on the creation of the persecution of Palestinians from ancestral homes, the same time the Palestinians fought for freedom from a colonial home.
In the Muslim world, no one could accept this facility, especially when the Palestinians were disadvantaged by the distribution of land.
The Israelis with their influence throughout the Western world built a state that has caused a series of disasters in countries all around, a huge war machine who has nuclear bombs and has completely destroy Lebanon. They also have had conflicts with Egypt, Syria and Jordan. It operates as a state of war - as a terrorist.
The Gaza is a huge ghetto, where 1,500,000 people have been imprisoned, with only the right to breathe.
All this and much more involved is understandable that they can be solved only if people considered as the center of society and life and acquire rights.
The Israelis have to apologize public and sincerely for the genocide against the Palestinians and all together Israelis and Palestinians if they believe in God) to pray and to stop discrimination and hatred.
At my opinion the only way for piece is to declare Israel and Palestinian territories as common demilitarized zone under the responsibility and supervision of the UN . Only then people will live better.
(i am not Israeli or Palestinian or Mouslim)
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The reason why Hamas is firing rockets cause Israel stole their homeland. After world war 2, the UN decides to take the Jews and send them to palestine, they thought it was a good idea execpt for one problem, muslims were already living there so the UN force the muslim out of their homes and told the Jews to occupy them. So it is not much of a suprise that Hamas is launching rockets at the people of Israel, its the UN fault's. They were idiots cause: one you place a large group of people in a land that is already occupy. Two, you gave the Jews the Al Asq mosque, one of the holiest muslim places. How would you feel if a group of people suddenly came into your home, round up everyone and put them in your bathroom while they take your whole house, make babies and multiply and tell you that you can not come back and strip you from your rights?
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This is inbelievable,Hamas has been attacking Israel for over 8 years,firing rockets at anything they can hit women,children,anything,anyone is a target for 8 years.Now they get a taste of their own medecine and after 7 days they start crying it's unfair..Any country has a right to defend it's self.Atleast Israel is targetting military targets not children and innocent civilians,unlike most Islamic extremists,they specificallytarget schools,resteraunts,daycares,anyone who can't defend themselves or fight back..Let Israel do what NEEDS to be done.Hamas are a bunch of COWARDS
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