Bizarro: Reindeers Prepare Assault on Sarah Palin's House

It's been a while since I posted a Bizarro cartoon (sorry Dan!) - but I ran across this gem on Christmas and couldn't resist despite the um, slightly political undertones.

For more Bizarro, be sure to check out Dan Piraro's website and blog!

We don't post a lot of politics on Neatorama, and even less of Sarah Palin (we only have 5 posts about her). But in for a penny, in for a pound in this case, I suppose. A while ago, I ran into this interesting photo of Alaska Governor Palin sitting on her ice throne at the 2007 World Ice Art Champsionships. It was -30° below, and she managed to look pretty comfy there! (Source)

For the record, I find Palin fascinating - and whether you agree with her politics or not, you can't argue that she has captured the Republican
spotlight of the 2008 US Presidential Election and the hearts of many Americans.

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In a pre-election survey 64% of American men said they would rather see Palin in a bikini than Pamela Anderson. However 92% would rather have Anderson as vice president!
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Why is it that every time you say something about Palin, her posse sez OH YEAH, WELL WHAT ABOUT OBAMA, OH YEAH, HE, HE, WHAT ABOUT...........?????
We were discussing Palin, and no one has HAD to MAKE UP STUFF.
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That's right Ted, those evil overlord Dems with all their decades-long power, keeping the poor poor Repubs down like a schoolyard bully. How many years of therapy will it take to recover? At this point they're like abused wives, really, believing they somehow deserved it.

It's not your fault! It's not your fault!

Just let me hold you. We'll get through this.
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