UPS Package Signed by "Terrorist"

Blbar Singh, a Sikh man in Bakersfield, California, was looking up a package that he sent to his son's home on the UPS website. He was surprised to see that the delivery was signed by "terrorist":

Anant Singh, Blbar’s son said, “All of my community who wears a turban and belongs to the Sikh faith are not terrorists. We are a peace-loving people and are part of the community.”

Teg Sidhu, Singh’s friend, said, “Most people may not understand the difference between Sikhs and Muslims, but at least they don’t label every turban-wearing person a terrorist.”

UPS is looking into the matter: Link - Thanks Tiff!

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Hilarious nonsense.

Some mouth breather saw some guy in a beard and turban and saw terrorist.

The story here is the way that a lot of people see the world.

But when you have Christianity and Islam espousign their "religion of peace" credentials, I( find Sihkism refreshingly in your face on all things martial.

All Sihk men go armed at all times, it is one of the 5 Ks.

I would suggest a 6th K.

Kicking a UPS employees arse.
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And Barry to the rescue to inject immediately moot evidence of a nonissue.

Can't we all just do meta-posts that describe the kind of role-playing contributions we will be making to fulfill the requirements of our implicit personas?

I'll start: Ostensible voice of reason interjected with subtextual intent to make fun of trolly vitriolic Barry types.
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I'm sorry but I have 6 news sites in my browser at ALL times. I do not want to get "liberal news" here. I am very well informed & well read, this article was not neat in any way. I've been called many things in the past and will be in the future - I do not think that insults at me are "neat" or even "news" worthy, let alone anyone else. FLAME on ...
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@Geekazoid: Did somebody say it was liberal? Or did you mean political? I would say it isn't. It's cultural maybe, and while the definition of "neat" is not going to find consensus around here, the incident is certainly interesting.

I think the people that object to disturbing or political items on neatorama really just want stuff that cannot, in any way, complicate their lives. So kittens and gadgets and knitted guitars are in; anything that shows the messy state of our world or humans is out. If that's some people's preference, okay I guess, but what's always confused me is why these people think they have a vote.
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