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You can have "balls" and a brain, too. These two things shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

I wish there were some way that the perfectly functioning and healthy body of a brainless thrill-seeker could be given to a person who is disabled.
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I think he would've been an idiot for passing up 4 million on the chance he would be tagged for a six-year-old beef.

With the money he can get himself a great lawyer. Even if he has to do time - he can clear up the beef and have a nice chunk waiting for him when he gets out.
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Human beings have an innate, overwhelming compulsion to "express themselves" and have people pay attention to what they have to say. I understand that a baby can cry simply because it wants someone to pay attention to it.

And yes, I see the irony of me posting this thought.
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It's very annoying when an "artist" has to go through great pains to describe their intentions. Andy Warhol never bothered to. He was very happy letting people come up with their own conclusions.

And this feminist "men eating from the body of woman" has been worn out for decades now. Tom Petty had it in his freak'n video, FFS. Back in the 80s.
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I'm watching this excellent documentary on the American Revolution, and General Washington is described as being able to "cuss the paint off the wall".

Baron von Steuben, as he attempted to train our men, apparently cursed in both German and French, and demanded his translator to cuss in English when that didn't work.
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That "moon rock" at the Smithsonia is a FAKE. The shadows are totally wrong. The lighting of the rock compared to the background is completely off. Look at it closely. You can just TELL.
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Okay - I will stop fillabustering this thread - but they did set up the flag correctly during subsequent missions. They made a point of planting the flag a good distance from the LEM.

So we have a bunch of American flags still "flying" on the surface of the moon - but the radiation will probably bleach out the colors eventually (if not already). So I guess ultimately we have flags of surrender on the moon.

They also left the flying wings of the three astronauts who died on Apollo 1. Another astronaut wrote his daughter's name in the lunar soil. Of course, that stuff is still there.
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The space race happend pretty much to stick it to the communists. 1960s America had to deal with Russia launching the first satellite, and she didn't want to have a red moon flying above her head as well.

We got there first and planted a flag (though the flag fell over during the LEM blow-off). We went there several more times to prove the first time wasn't a fluke. We collected some rocks and took some pictures, and spent billions doing it.

There's no reason to send a human there again. Robots can do it much better, much cheaper, and much more safely. 90% of Apollo's technology was devoted towards keeping a human body alive.
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"The more we find out about the Apollo moon missions, the more we find they were operating closer to the edge than anyone outside of NASA knew."

I'm being a curmudgeon, but the dangers of these missions were very well understood - even by the public. Gus Grisson, Ed White and Roger Chaffee died horrifically during Apollo 1. We are also well aware of the near catastophy of Apollo 13.

We blessedly did not lose any astronauts out in or returning from space, but the Russians did. Yes, the media arm of NASA did everything it could to sugar-coat the dangers, but the events of Apollo 1 and 13 were way too profound to contain.
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Sinatra is timelessly cool.

But out of the three - MJ wrote his own music (most of it, anyway). That, to me, is the line that separates a performer from an artist. It's all about "performance" now, with all this American Idol garbage. I truly respect someone who writes their own music.
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I saw this on TV. It's a "Pocket Mohel". Billy Mays hocked these in one of his infomercials (God rest his soul). I thought the skull cap he wore was a nice touch.
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A wild animal doesn't "snap". What's the matter with you?

I guess you're okay with putting chimps in diapers, and "oh, look how cute Bubbles is!" and then one day he's chewing off your face.

Fear isn't the same thing as ignorance. In fact, a fearful respect towards the natural world keeps people alive out there in the wild. But you are probably the type that goes out hiking all by yourself, in negative 30 degree weather, and that semi-feral dog that accompanies you watches in bemusement as you freeze to death trying to build a fire.
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Not to be a buzzkill, but I hope they separate them when the wolf gets bigger. I know rotties are tough, but I don't know how one would fare against a wolf who suddenly decides to start acting like a wolf.

Wild animals are wild animals. It amazes me how people lose sight of this fact. I've heard the expression that you can "train" a wild animal, but you can never, never "tame" them.
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Dunno if this is just an urban legend, but I love the story about their dealing with a passed out Seven Dwarfs character. It is true it gets extremely hot inside those costumes. Anyway, a costumed person passed out and they refused to remove the head, since Disney prohibits "breaking the illusion". So they lifted the person, costume and all, onto a stretcher and carted him away.
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