Rigging Apollo 11 on the Moon

The more we find out about the Apollo moon missions, the more we find they were operating closer to the edge than anyone outside of NASA knew. In an excerpt from Buzz Aldrin's new book, "Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon", he tells about a crucial circuit breaker he and Neil Armstrong found broken on the floor of the moon lander. Aldrin rigged the circuit by inserting a felt-tip pen, and hoped it would work during their liftoff.
The liftoff from the moon was intrinsically a tense time . The ascent stage simply had to work. The engines had to fire, propelling us upward, leaving the descent stage of the LM still sitting on the moon. We had no margin for error, no second chances, no rescue plans if the liftoff failed. There would be no way for Mike up in Columbia to retrieve us. We had no provision for another team to race from Earth to pick us up if the Eagle did not soar. Nor did we have food, water, or oxygen for more than a few hours.

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You cannot reason with or explain anything to a person who has already made up their mind and is completely unwilling to consider they may be incorrect. For them any evidence that does not align with their belief system is clearly flawed and wrong. The issue like their mind is closed.

To some the world is flat and that's that.
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hahaha .. u people seriously think that the Americans made it to the moon when it was technically infeasible back in those days .. it was all shot indoors and their primary goal was to beat the Russians so they wouldn't be reffered to as "loosers".
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I understand your point Davron, but we have to start somewhere. We have to learn to walk before we can run a marathon.

Besides, with our current "risk aversion" mentality, going to Mars first (or even a NEO) is practically out of the question.

And to all of the moon landing doubters, I have just one question: What does it matter? If they faked it, they faked it! That has no impact whatsoever on future space endeavors. Faked or not, the truth about the original moon landings will come out eventually.
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