Tantalus Dinner

Artist Ioli Kalliopi Sifakaki cast tablewear from her own body parts, and then invited friends to eat dinner from them:

Royal College of Art graduate Iola Kalliopi Sifakaki designed a dinner service cast from her own body and then invited a dozen of her male friends to feast from the tableware.

The dinner service, and the dining furniture Sifikaki designed, are based on the Greek myth of Tantalus, in which Tantalus boils his son Pelops and offers him up as food to the gods to appease them.

Says the artist:

By casting myself, I copy, dismantle and offer parts of me, in order to provoke new, unusual relationships between the maker and the user.

Hmm. I'm thinking of a new product that we can offer in the Neatorama Store....

Link via J-Walk Blog

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I kind of get the impression that, in spite of her explaination, this really was an act that grew out of a self-esteem issue through the medium of 'art'. Its like she's yelling "i'm so sexy! don't you agree?! men eat off my likeness!!!!"
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It's very annoying when an "artist" has to go through great pains to describe their intentions. Andy Warhol never bothered to. He was very happy letting people come up with their own conclusions.

And this feminist "men eating from the body of woman" has been worn out for decades now. Tom Petty had it in his freak'n video, FFS. Back in the 80s.
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Doesn't look very appetizing. Now did she cast "tablewear" or "tableware"? I assume the first is something to wear to the table.

She should have made jello molds from her body parts - wait, did I just give away her next project? Sorry.
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