Dog Adopts Wolf Cub

Ulrock the rottweiler adopted this eight week old wolf cub and the pair is quickly becoming best friends. If you've ever wondered how well wolf cubs could get along with a domesticated dog, here's your answer. They sleep together and even howl at the moon in unison. Little Beldaran the wolf was abandoned by his parents at only four days old.
Preserve director Heather Grierson, 49, said: 'It's a true love story that has touched the hearts of everyone who visits the preserve.

'You just can't be in a bad mood when these two are around. It's impossible to look at them and not feel good.'


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Dogs are a SUB-species of wolves. Dogs are really domesticated wolves that have been shaped by man to our own fancy over the course of many many years.

About this whole "the wolf will turn on the dog to become alpha" thing, modern day domestic dogs do the exact same thing, just on a lower level. A "pack" always needs an alpha, whether we're talking about an actual wolf pack, or Sandy from down the street with her poodle. The reason Sandy's poodle won't do what it's told is because it's under the impression it's alpha, and poor Sandy doesn't know the difference.

In other words, all dogs, and wolves, and even dogs vs. their owners, challenge each other for roles in a pack environment. It isn't a matter of the wolf simply "snapping" one day and deciding it wants to be alpha all of a sudden.
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Its not a matter of 'snapping'. Wolves have different instincts than dog (as they are differet species, albiet very similar). See, when male wolves reach a certain age, they often challnge the pack alpha for dominance (so as to become the Alpha themselves). This means that at one point, the wolf is almost certain to attack the dog, but most likely not fatally.

And this behavior applies to wolf-human relationships, too, if the wolf sees the human as a pack member and an the alpha (which is often the case when a person tries to domesticate a wolf). Dog-wolf crossbreeds are much less likely to attack a person for alpha-dominance, but its been known to happen. (its also been known to happen in rare cases with domestic dogs, but usually only ones that are rased in harsher or more 'wild' conditions).
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A wild animal doesn't "snap". What's the matter with you?

I guess you're okay with putting chimps in diapers, and "oh, look how cute Bubbles is!" and then one day he's chewing off your face.

Fear isn't the same thing as ignorance. In fact, a fearful respect towards the natural world keeps people alive out there in the wild. But you are probably the type that goes out hiking all by yourself, in negative 30 degree weather, and that semi-feral dog that accompanies you watches in bemusement as you freeze to death trying to build a fire.
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