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It's an early prototype of "Mr. Microphone".

A very, very early prototype developed back in the 12th century.

"Hark, yon fair maiden! We shalt returneth soon and abscond with thy personage!"
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Wasn't it Mary the Queen of Scotts who was executed and her little dog was discovered hidden in her gown? Not that the situation was screwed up enough, as the executioner wasn't able to finish the deed with one axe stroke.

Those limeys were pretty damned bloodthirsty back in the day.
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The article sez that she has the mental capacity of an infant. This is an extremely severe disability, obviously, but strangely manageable. She is basically a baby that never grows up.

This whole "not ageing" thing is a total crock. There is a certain age when our cells start to degenerate (age). If they can prove that this individual will live longer than what is normal, I will pay attention. But otherwise, stop with the dumb speculation. We all grow old, and we all die.
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The fact that Pixar refuses to talk about it proves that they only did this out of simple human decency.

Pixar makes some great movies - true classics. And now we find out that they are just as classy as their films. Good for them.
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You make some excellent points. "Intelligence" is a bit subjective.

Housecats may not be einsteins, but they are very well adapted to do what they do. They hunt alone, and their hunting/ambushing instincts are razor-sharp. I've witnessed a cat whose stealth was almost supernatural.

Dogs hunt by cooperation and brute force - like us. Of course we will have a greater affinity with them. Dogs have always been our greatest ally, but cats are up there with horses, as they protected us from rodents - both our food and health (rodents spread diseases).
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Fingerprints providing better grip has been speculative, but so are these findings. They are attempting to rule out a popular assumption with another assumption - and by a single test.

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I've had a tat done. It's literally a needle stabbing into your skin. Your skin bleeds. It takes several days to heal.

And having tats done on the face must be especially painful, since there is no fat under the skin.

No... no one is "sleeping" through that.
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I see no irony here at all. These are completely different events. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Our brains are wired to look for patterns, even when they don't exist. This brings up the fallacy of "fate". This bizarre fixation towards "fate" blocks us from reality.

What is reality? We will all die one day. There is no pattern. There is no "meaning". Our bodies are very fragile. One day, they will simply give out, or something happens to interrupt vital bodily processes.

Is this "depressing"? I don't think so. Depression doesn't stop something from happening, so why embrace it? Truth is, if one accepts this reality, they can let go their fear and the illusions this fear brings.
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Yes, art is about attracting attention - but I question the artist's ability to attract attention through conventional means, or if he is only able to achieve it by pulling stunts.
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Its possible to create art without destroying something that belongs to someone else (or communal property). Why not choose that?

I think the destruction is used for attracting attention the artist otherwise isn't able to earn.
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