Why Carry a Dog in a Handbag?

Why do some women like to carry around their dog in their handbags? If you've ever pondered how pets evolved into a fashion accessory (where "walking the dog" involves absolutely no walking on the part of the furry animal), check out this article by Bag Bunch:

An Historic Pastime!

Oddly enough the practice of carrying your dog in a handbag goes back to Ancient Rome. Elite women would put their tiny Malteses in a sleeve when walking throughout the streets. Another name for the Maltese dog in Rome was 'the Roman Ladies' Dog' and the breed became a physical symbol of loyalty.

Today the Maltese (that's the small white fluffy one pictured right for those less aquainted with dog breeds) is still a popular 'carry dog' with women. Now you can see a Maltese hung round a hot girl's waist while she goes for a power walk on the beach.

Another early 'carry-dog' was the Pekingese lapdog, bred in ancient China to fit inside the sleeves of a man's robe. So it hasn't always just been women that have an obsession with carrying around small dogs.

Through recent centuries a wider variety of 'lap dogs' became popular among royalty and the rich. Nowadays there is a diverse range of small pooches that have become fashionable 'handbag dogs'.


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I have a shih tzu, they're quite tiny, but I don't really carry him in a bag... I don't think it's healthy for him. o.O And the pack on the picture above looks uncomfortable for both the owner and the dog...
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Wasn't it Mary the Queen of Scotts who was executed and her little dog was discovered hidden in her gown? Not that the situation was screwed up enough, as the executioner wasn't able to finish the deed with one axe stroke.

Those limeys were pretty damned bloodthirsty back in the day.
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