Over the Falls in a Kayak

22-year-old Tyler Bradt plunged over Palouse Falls in eastern Washington and set a world record for a kayak descent. The fall was 186 feet, which he covered in less than four seconds.
As rescue teams waited at the base of the falls Bradt calmly steered his fiberglass kayak into the raging water.

After disappearing under the water he emerged within six seconds with his broken paddle and sprained wrist.

'Considering the waterfall, the injuries were pretty minor,' he said.

The previous record for a kayak descent was 127 feet. Link -via Unique Daily

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Thank you "mikos" and "phos", I can see that at least some people here are not totally ignorant. Tyler Bradt is an experienced kayaker and had trained and prepared for the decent. Just as a gymnast, skydiver or even football player; he is a professional in his sport. And to respond to "Dave Hall's" comment about benefiting humanity, Tyler and co. are traveling around the globe in a bio-fuel only truck educating people about alternative energies. So what are you doing to make the world a better place???
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You can have "balls" and a brain, too. These two things shouldn't be mutually exclusive.

I wish there were some way that the perfectly functioning and healthy body of a brainless thrill-seeker could be given to a person who is disabled.
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I bow to your superior intellect and reasoning. You are right--the man is a pioneer. I cannot wait to see how all humaity will benefit from his monumental discoveries in hydraulucs and gravity.
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