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This family has no debt and can provide. If they were on welfare or some sort of public aid, then I'd criticize them. It is the people who have babies and don't marry so they can get both State Aid and Earned Income Credit on their taxes who anger me.
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And now we will get to hear about those kids three times a year, every year, near their birthdays...and of course when they start school...and then when the lawsuits are filed by the parents...and then when the kids get older and have their own agendas and start their own families of hate.
Hitler, Hinler and Aryan Nation...nah, not deliberate at all. Just a name.
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Josh- You should have directed your comment to nevrdull. Mr Jones was joining me in my sarcasm.

It is so arrogant for humans to think we can change the environment. We are in a natural cycle.

Those who say the average temperature is up 0.2 of a degree from 100 years ago do not know what they are talking about. We did not have such precise thermometers 100 years ago. If in 100 years the average temperature is rising, then lets talk, but for now, there is nothing different in the weather we are seeing, from the amount or lack of hurricaines and tornadoes to the changes in heavier or lighter winters to the amount of hot and humid summers.

People did not report 24/7 from every corner of the world and also did not record things the way they are recorded now. There were not televisions and news traveled by train then by telegraph, if it was available, and having a hot summer or cold winter or hurricane was not necessarily what was talked about.

That 'hole' in the ozone may have been there all along but we are just now in our lifetime able to see it.
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I used hair spray in cans in the 1970's. They told me I was the cause of global warming and the earth as we know it would end by 1990 unless I stopped using paper bags, driving and recycled water. I did.


Now when they ask, I get a paper bag lined with a plastic bag.
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Toyota has 13 manufacturing and engineering plants in North America, including Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas and West Virginia.

Too many people have forgotten.
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Not racist. The only one who has ever mentioned or alluded to race in this election is Obama.

and, um, Geekazoid, McCain limps, can't lift his arms above the shoulders, us not able to use a keyboard and appears not as hearty because of being a POW for five years. His 93 year old mother, who was not tortured, is doing fine, mentally and physically.
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I live in Southern California.

I drove past a mini mall with three drive through restaurants: Starbucks, Taco Bell and In-N-Out Burger last night. 7 vehicles (two of them H3 Hummers) waiting at Starbucks, 6 vehicles at Taco Bell and 12 vehicles at In-N-Out. All of them offer walk-in service. People do not care and are willing to pay higher prices. They are not conserving. The fuel companies are in business to make money. Let them.
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